‘Wordle’ is the Latest Internet Game Craze—Here’s How to Play

‘Wordle’ is the Latest Internet Game Craze—Here’s How to Play


Every year, a few social media trends and games get out of control, and so far in 2022, it looks like the game ‘Wordle’ is it. Killing productivity everywhere, Wordle gives players a new word to guess every day, but you only have six tries to get it right. So here’s what you need to know and how to play Wordle.

The game was created by Josh Wardle back in 2013 as a fun little side project that he brought back to life during the pandemic to stay entertained. Now, we’re seeing posts all over social media talking about it and waiting for the next Wordle. If you’re seeing friends and family post images of green, yellow, black, or gray squares, it’s because they’re playing Wordle.

Where to Play Wordle?

If you want to partake in the shenanigans, here’s where you can play Wordle. Once you click, learn how to play, and guess today’s word, you’re all done. Then, your web browser will remember the spot and serve up a new wordle to guess tomorrow.

It’s that easy to get started as there’s no mobile app to download or anything. Instead, visit the website, guess the five-letter word, and share your results on social media. Careful, though, you don’t want to give away the answer—only share how many tries it took for you to guess correctly.

How to Play Wordle?


Guess the word in six tries or less, and it’s that simple. When you visit the Wordle website for the first time, you’ll get a set of instructions on how to play.

To start, guess the Wordle in six tries or less. After each guess, the color of the tiles on your screen will change to let you know if you’re close or not. For example, yellow is warm, and green is hot.

  • Green tiles mean the letter you guessed is in the word and in the correct spot.
  • Yellow tiles confirm the letter is in the word but in a different square.
  • And Gray tiles mean the letter doesn’t belong anywhere in the word.

Take your time, think it through, and guess the word before you run out of guesses. The correctly guessed green letter will stay in its place, giving you a Jeopardy-like experience. It sounds easy, but don’t get too confident just yet.

Every day there’s a new five-letter word for you to guess, and it’ll typically show up around midnight. Good luck!

How Long Will Wordle Last?

If you start to get addicted to Wordle, as we are, don’t worry about the game running out of words anytime soon. According to the New York Times, the game’s creator says roughly 2,500 words in the queue, meaning we have a few years to play.

Everything is random, too, so even Wardle doesn’t know which word will come up tomorrow or the day after that. It looks like the creator doesn’t have any plans to make a mobile app version, nor will he charge money for the game. Instead, it’s just a fun thing for everyone to enjoy. And we all could use a little of that these days.

Give Wordle a try today, and don’t forget to share your results on social media.

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