With Facebooks change to Meta whats the new Big Tech

With Facebook’s change to Meta, what’s the new Big Tech acronym?

The company formerly known as Facebook just revealed its new name, Meta. And while that change brings a whole lot of questions, there’s one that many of us at The Verge have been pondering for about 30 minutes: how does the Meta name change the acronym used to refer to the biggest tech companies in one fell swoop?

Before Thursday, FAANG — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — was perhaps the most commonly used one. But that acronym already doesn’t quite work. Google is technically a part of Alphabet now, so there should be a third A. (FAAAN?) It’s missing Microsoft, which is just as mind-bogglingly huge as some of the other companies. And you could argue that Tesla should be part of the acronym conversation, especially now that its market cap has surpassed $1 trillion.

Now that we all have to start saying Meta, we’ve put together a list of some potential Big Tech acronyms we could use instead. And before we dive in, here are the letters we’re playing with: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet or Google, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, and Tesla. In short: A, A, A / G, M, M, N, T.

  • MMAAGT (pronounced “maggot”)
  • GAMAT (Used in a sentence: “We’re running the GAMAT of options here.”)
  • MGMT
  • ANTMAN (Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Meta, Amazon, Nicrosoft [it works, okay, don’t question it])
  • Or perhaps we’ll just keep saying Facebook and Google, swap in Microsoft for Netflix, and say FAAMG

What are your ideas? Post them in the comments!

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