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Windows 11 will have Terminal as the default command line tool

Ever since the inception of Windows, the default terminal emulator has always been the Windows Console Host, (conhost.exe) but things are about to change now. With the rollout of servicing release and the next feature release, scheduled this January, Microsoft will make Windows Terminal the default command-line experience on Windows 11.

Windows Terminal will be the default command line tool

Command Line Experience helps in improving productivity, creating unique experiences, and managing the system that improves the workflow. So, it has immense applications. However, For a long time, users have not been easily able to replace the console host. Although there were many third-party tools that were made compatible with the OS, they were never truly supported. This was enough a reason to open up the functionality to allow other terminals to be set as default, including Windows Terminal.

Hey Windows Terminal fans! This month we are delivering a servicing release and the next feature release is scheduled for January, so we figured we’d write a blog post discussing Windows Terminal as the default command line experience on Windows and what our future plans are, mentioned Kayla Cinnamon, Program Manager II, Windows Terminal, Console, Command Line, & Cascadia Code.

Windows Terminal is a modern, feature-rich, productive terminal application for command-line users. It supports a wide range of features and functions that the Windows command-line community requires to meet their goals. For instance, the open-source project features multiple tabs, custom themes, configurations, Unicode and UTF-8 character support and a GPU accelerated text rendering engine. Moreover, despite of supporting multiple features, the tool remains fast and efficient and doesn’t consume vast amounts of memory or power.

On Windows 11, this setting can be found in multiple places

  • Inside the Developer settings page of Windows settings.
  • Inside Windows Terminal’s settings on the Startup page.
  • Inside the Windows Console Host property sheet.

Your feedback will go a long way in helping Microsoft to remove bugs and ensure everyone has a great experience with Terminal.

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