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What Car Manufacturers Offer Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay has been around for some time and is a convenient way to safely use your phone in your car. But not all car manufacturers use this technology at the moment. So, which automotive brands do support Apple CarPlay?

What Is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay on a car dashboard.

Before we get into which manufacturers support Apple CarPlay, let’s quickly go over what exactly it is. Released in March 2014, Apple CarPlay is a technology that offers smartphone mirroring while you’re in your car. Smartphone mirroring, in this case, displays your iPhone screen on your car dash’s digital display. In cars with touchscreen dash screens, individuals can then use their iPhones easily via their car.

While one can easily use Bluetooth to make and receive calls in their car, answering texts, selecting your favorite tunes, and performing other tasks is usually impossible without directly looking at your phone. So, Apple CarPlay allows you to access your phone’s features in a much safer, and much more legal, way.

Note that Apple CarPlay is only available on iPhone models following, and including, the iPhone 5. iOS 7.1 or later is also required to use this feature.

So, now we know what Apple CarPlay is, let’s discuss which major manufacturers support it.

Which Manufacturers Support Apple CarPlay?

1. Audi

Audi, a huge German automotive manufacturer, only made the move to support Apple CarPlay three years after its initial release, in 2017. Therefore, all Audi models released in and after 2017 support Apple CarPlay. You can take a look at all the models that support Apple CarPlay on Audi’s Canadian website.


2. BMW

BMW doesn’t just offer nice-looking cars. The internal architecture also offers some awesome features, including Apple CarPlay. Like Audi, BMW began supporting Apple CarPlay in 2017, so all models released within and after this year offer this technology. You can check which BMW models offer Apple CarPlay specifically on one of BMW’s British websites.

3. Chevrolet

The American automotive giant Chevrolet began supporting Apple CarPlay in 2016, not too long after the technology was initially released. Over 30 Chevrolet models currently allow the use of Apple CarPlay, and AutoNation offers a useful and informative page that tells you all about which models support it and how to set it up.

4. Hyundai

Hyundai chose to include Apple CarPlay support in its features in 2015, earlier than many other manufacturers. All models following the Genesis Sedan offer this handy feature, so your Hyundai car may support Apple CarPlay even though it’s six or seven years old. It’s easy to find out which specific models offer Apple CarPlay so that you can determine whether it’s available to you.

5. Lexus

Lexus offers Apple CarPlay in all of its standard and hybrid models that were released in or after 2019, with just five 2018 models supporting the technology. So, if you own a Lexus, there’s a chance it doesn’t support Apple CarPlay, as the manufacturer has only been offering this feature for four years.

But you can quickly and easily check out whether your Lexus model supports Apple CarPlay by checking the company’s Memphis branch website.

6. Ford

Ford is a classic example of a trusty American automotive manufacturer. The company, like Audi and BMW, began integrating Apple CarPlay compatibility into its models from 2017 onward. Today, there are 20 Ford models supporting Apple CarPlay, and you can check out which ones offer it specifically on Ford’s website.

7. Mercedes-Benz

The reliable luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz started offering Apple CarPlay as a feature in 2016 in eight of its models. Since then, the company has released another 12 models with Apple CarPlay compatibility, and you can find out which specific models offer this technology on the Mercedes-Benz website.

8. Nissan

Nissan offers a wide range of models that support Apple CarPlay. Since 2017, the manufacturer has released 22 models with which you can use Apple CarPlay, starting with the Maxima and Micra models. Check out its website if you want to find out more about which Nissan models come with this useful feature.

9. Toyota

Toyota now offers over 20 models with Apple CarPlay compatibility and began supporting the feature in 2018 after customer demand for CarPlay began to increase significantly. Apple CarPlay support began with the popular Toyota Aygo, and has continued to be offered in subsequent models. Toyota has a web page that discusses the use of Apple CarPlay in its models and displays all models that offer it.

10. Honda

11 of Honda’s car models support Apple CarPlay, as well as two of its motorcycle models. The brand began offering Apple CarPlay to customers in 2016 in its Civic and Accord models and didn’t make the move to offering the technology on some of its motorbikes until 2018. You can take a look at which specific Honda models offer Apple CarPlay on one of the company’s branch websites.

Below is a table of all the manufacturers that support Apple CarPlay.

Manufacturer Since
Abarth 2017
Acura 2017
Alfa Romeo 2018
Aston Martin 2017
Baojun 2018
Bentley 2017
BMW 2017
Borgward 2017
Buick 2016
Cadillac 2016
Chery 2017
Chevrolet 2016
Chrysler 2017
Citro├źn 2016
Cowin Auto 2017
Datsun 2019
Dodge 2017
Dongfeng 2016
DS Automobiles 2016
Ferrari 2016
Fiat 2017
Ford 2017
Genesis 2017
GMC 2016
Haima 2017
Haval 2017
Holden 2016
Honda 2016
Honda Motorcycles 2018
Hyundai 2015
Indian Motorcycle 2020
Infiniti 2020
Jaguar 2019
Jeep 2017
Kia 2014
Lada 2021
Lamborghini 2017
Land Rover 2019
Lexus 2019
LDV 2015
Lifan 2017
The Lincoln Motor Company 2017
Mahindra 2018
Maserati 2017
Maxus 2015
Mazda 2018
Mercedes-Benz 2016
MG 2016
Mini 2018
Mitsubishi 2017
Nissan 2017
Opel 2016
Peugeot 2016
Slingshot 2021
Porcsche 2017
Quoros 2017
RAM 2018
Renault 2017
Roewe 2016
Rolls-Royce 2020
Seat 2016
Skoda 2016
Subaru 2017
Suzuki 2016
TATA 2017
Toyota 2018
Vauxhall 2016
Volkswagen 2016
Volvo 2016

Apple CarPlay Will Make for a Great Addition to Your Journeys

With Apple CarPlay, you can use your phone safely and easily in your vehicle, allowing you to access a range of features without having to touch your handset. So, check out the list above to see if your car manufacturer supports Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay on vehicle display

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