Watch As These Teslas Dance to “Beat It” In Perfect Synchronization

Watch As These Teslas Dance to “Beat It” In Perfect Synchronization

Tom BetGeorge

An interesting feature introduced with Tesla’s Holiday 2021 update allows drivers to program light shows for their EV. And quite naturally, some people took this feature to the extreme for Christmas and the New Year, including Tom BetGeorge of Magical Light Shows.

In a YouTube video uploaded on January 1st, Tom BetGeorge shows two identical Tesla Model Y vehicles “dancing” in perfect synchronization to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” It’s kind of like the scene at the end of the “Beat It” music video, minus the cool outfits, knife fights, and actual dancing.

My neighbor and I decided to have our Tesla’s do a dance off with our cars 🙂 You can download the programming at my site: Magical Light Shows
Although I typically program theme parks for a living, I’m going to continue adding some more songs for Tesla drivers to download.

Tom BetGeorge didn’t skip out on his annual Christmas light display, though. You can find a ton of crazy light shows on his YouTube channel, including one where a Tesla “dances” to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.”

Source: Tom BetGeorge via Laughing Squid

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