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Vivaldi v5.0 gets a new Theme Editor and Two-level Tab Stacks for mobiles

The upcoming version of the Vivaldi browser – Vivaldi v5.0 – is getting ready to be released with new features & improvements to bring more comfort and security to your online browsing experience. We got a chance to have a look at some of its latest features. Read along to find what it has in its store for you.

New additions in the upcoming Vivaldi v5.0 public release

Vivaldi will turn 5! To mark the occasion, the browser maker is coming up with an advanced version of its flagship browser – Vivaldi v5.0. It will work on all the platforms including Desktop, mobile and tablets. Here’s what you will find in the upcoming Vivaldi v5.0 release.

Firstly, in an attempt to optimize your screen space better, the browser will sport a brand-new, super flexible design – including a side Panel on tablets and Chromebooks. Secondly, the company intends to take browser theming to the next level, with shareable themes. This means, you can import and export themes, share them directly with your friends, or upload it to Vivaldi’s Themes gallery to make them available for the world.

On the productivity front, a new Translate Panel will allow you to instantly translate highlighted text. The main highlight of the feature is that unlike other popular translation tools that collect data, Vivaldi Translate keeps your privacy first. Only Vivaldi servers are involved in the process and so, no data is shared with Big Tech’s ‘prying eyes’.

Lastly, it seems Vivaldi’s love for tabs is real. As such, with every new update, it intends to add more options for tabs. The word is, the upcoming release will add Two-level Tab Stacks to Vivaldi for mobiles and tablets running on Android. Also known as double-decker browser tabs, the feature will help you manage your tabs woes on the go. It already exists in Desktop versions and now the same capability has been extended to mobile phones. You will also have options for opening and closing tabs within the stack and a way to preview the grouped tabs.

The new features in short are:

  • On the Desktop, you can share and discover themes by the community, and a dynamic new Theme Editor, with shareable Vivaldi Themes. Although other browsers have Themes, Vivaldi has a lot more to offer with more controls. A new Translate Panel that will translate highlighted text instantly. This lets you translate text snippets instantly, without any additional clicks.
  • A first for Android mobile browsers, The company is adding Two-level Tab Stacks to Vivaldi for mobiles and tablets. Already considered a unique way to manage tabs on desktop, now this solution helps you manage your tabs woes on the go. The browser got a brand-new, super flexible design – including a side Panel on tablets and Chromebooks – to optimize your screen space better, another first. Vivaldi on tablets also gets new features.

Download the Vivaldi browser for your Windows PC from and take it for a spin!


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