The Top 9 Email Suites for Secure Inbox Configurations

The Top 9 Email Suites for Secure Inbox Configurations

Email cyberattacks can lead to disastrous results for your organization, as hackers steal confidential data, impersonate your executives, target your customers, and launch ransomware attacks. Your business needs to configure its email security, keeping these evolving threats in mind.

But which email client should you use? Here are some of the best email suites, which you can use for configuring secure digital communications.

1. Abnormal Security’s Integrated Cloud Email Security

Abnormal Security’s Integrated Cloud Email Security website interface

The Integrated Cloud Email Security suite by Abnormal Security protects you from ransomware, digital fraud, social engineering, supply chain attacks, employee impersonations, graymail, spam, and other types of phishing attempts.

ICES sets you up with a cyber defense strategy against external and internal threats. It audits user behavior to isolate social engineering attacks that might evade reputation checks, as they seem trustworthy.

The software performs deep-rooted checks on all vendor and user types, based on behavior, relationships, tone, content attachments, and more. Its AI scrutinizes all user profiles against 45,000 behavioral signals and flags them down for you, should they deviate from the baseline.

Enterprises can cut costs by unsubscribing from redundant multi-layer security offered by Google and Microsoft security solutions.

2. Area 1’s Horizon

Area 1 Horizon website interface

Area 1’s Horizon boasts email phishing detection and prevention capabilities through its airtight, cloud-based email protection service. The security software specializes in preventing data losses and financially damaging cyberattacks.


The security client maintains a bird’s eye view on the web and network security, in addition to your electronic communications. Horizon protects your daily business communications along with data-heavy enterprise email campaigns, targeted at evolving phishing attacks.

Horizon gives you a globally distributed, recursive DNS security against web-based phishing attacks. It can automatically integrate with Windows, Bind, and industry-adopted DNS servers to defend cloud-based MTAs and APIs/connectors.

Horizon protects remote users and mobile platforms from targeted email phishing campaigns. It can intuitively serve customer block pages and notifications for blocked phishing campaigns.

3.Barracuda Email Protection

Barracuda Email Protection website interface

Save your digital communications from over 91 percent of the prevalent phishing cyberattacks with Barracuda Email Protection. The end-to-end email security client protects you from advanced social engineering that target users via email gateways.

Barracuda responds to detections through a combination of email gateway security, web security, and API-based inbox defense systems. You can protect your discrete emails and communication channels from 13 varieties of spam, ransomware, spear-phishing attacks, and multi-layered business email infiltrators.

Barracuda’s automated responses render preemptive threat mitigation through its intuitive email threat awareness programs. It helps enforce security compliance and further prevents data losses with critical backups.

4. Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email website interface

Cisco Secure Email is an email security solution from Cisco, specializing in enterprise security. It offers you a holistic Business Email Compromise (BEC) prevention package against ransomware, malware, spam, data loss, and most commonly-known phishing types.

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Cisco is known for its end-to-end network solutions and products. The security-driven organization extends its service to provide you with high-quality email security for on-premise/cloud/hybrid deployments, maintained and updated by Cisco’s Talos security team.

Additionally, its Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense and Cisco Threat Grid modules detect ransomware hidden in harmless-looking attachments.

Your business communications are safe with CSE’s additional layer of real-time URL analysis. The one-stop client dispenses email encryption and security awareness training to educate users on your business channels.

5. FireEye Email Security

FireEye Email Security website interface

FireEye’s enterprise email gateway software offers security measures against an extensive list of email threats. This award-winning security solution sniffs out suspicious messages in your company’s web traffic; rest assured, it’s better than the most contemporary signature and policy-based defense solutions in the market.

FireEye’s regularly updated email threat database future-readies your business email security to minimize false positives and rapidly identify risks.

It helps you adapt security strategies by learning from frontline investigations and cyberattackers. It acts proportionately to the threat levels to reduce alert fatigue and helps maintain productivity by allowing your security team to implement inline threat-blocking solutions.

6. Voltage SecureMail

Voltage SecureMail website interface

Voltage SecureMail is an enterprise email security solution that scales proportionately with your business communication.

The email security software specializes in protecting discrete Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI). It delivers end-to-end encryption for your email’s data lifecycle, right from the senders to the recipients.

It safeguards email data with intuitive encryption protocols so that only your organization can decrypt it. SecureMail offers a much simpler user experience than its contemporaries, by automatically scanning and filtering for threats in your business traffic across diverse platforms.

SecureMail transfers ownership of your discrete mail data by encrypting and storing it on internal servers instead of external, third-party options. This Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the few companies to offer standard, efficient, identity-based encryption options.

7. Mimecast Email Security

Mimecast website interface

Mimecast protects your business communication against target email threats. It prevents data leaks and stops spam, malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware in its tracks.

This service is especially effective against the deadly mass phishing and spear-phishing campaigns that cost businesses millions in damages. Its intuitive defense against profiled attacks helps you fortify your email perimeters by protecting recipients.

Mimecast strives towards enforcing email security compliance to minimize infiltrations caused by intra-organization human errors. It can additionally protect your business identity from forgeries committed in your brand’s name.

8. Trustifi

Trustifi website interface

Trustifi puts control of your business email security squarely in your hands by raising the bar on end-to-end organizational security compliance. It easily integrates with your Office 365 and Google Workspace accounts, and email servers to deploy a user-friendly protection plan.

Trustifi’s one-click encryption deserves special mention for its directive user engagement policies. It offers intuitive protection for any cloud architecture containing email traffic.

Rapid API integrations and encryption protect you against BEC, ransomware, and phishing attempts.

Trustifi’s AI-boosted monitoring systems detect anomalies by scanning emails based on volume, context, geolocation, and device trustability. It can protect confidential outbound communications for your organization.

9. Zix Secure Cloud Email Security Suite

Zix Secure Cloud Email Security Suite website interface

As the name suggests, Zix is a modern workplace email security cloud, augmenting compliance and safety. Zix boasts an intuitive UI that’s fully manageable and readily available for streamlined enterprise email safety.

Zix boosts your business productivity in a digitized environment by giving intuitive insights to enhance compliance.

It offers benchmark-grade encryption and real-time threat and behavior analysis to keep you informed.

The cloud-native Zix integrates with some of the most notable office productivity and documentation services. It fosters business collaboration by ensuring users on the network can exchange discrete data without worrying about attacks.

The Best Email Suites in the Security Market

Email suites are becoming increasingly popular with the prevalence of ransomware and massive data breaches. This means more people pay attention to their email service providers, and the security policies which keep hackers at bay.

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