The Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Deals Available at Launch

The Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Deals Available at Launch


Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy S22 devices are finally available for pre-order, including the first true Galaxy Note successor, the S22 Ultra. As always, Samsung and mobile carriers are offering killer early bird deals on the new phones, helping you save hundreds or even get an S22 for free.

These deals may expire quickly, as the Galaxy S22 series starts shipping on February 25th. So, don’t wait up! Take advantage of these offers while you still can.

Save Big at Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S22 in black

More often than not, Samsung’s website is the premier destination to save big on the latest Samsung phones. The company loves to offer trade-in discounts, free accessories, and other perks without any wonky requirements—those carriers really don’t want to give you a deal if you aren’t on an expensive plan.

If you pre-order a Galaxy S22 device at Samsung’s website, the company will automatically upgrade you to the next storage tier. In other words, you buy the 128GB model and get the 256GB configuration for no extra charge.

Additionally, pre-orderers get up to $200 in Samsung credit to help pay for a Galaxy Watch 4 or Samsung Freestyle projector, plus a 25% discount on any model of the new Galaxy Tab S8.

Bear in mind that you can save a few hundred bucks on these phones by offering an eligible trade-in on the Samsung website.

Verizon: BOGOs, Free Upgrades, Trade-Ins

Verizon logo

As always, Verizon offers a smorgasbord of deals to help you save on an S22-series phone. The company is also offering a neat little discount on the new Galaxy Tab S8+ with 5G connectivity.

I have to put these deals in a bulleted list. There are just too many of them!

  • Switcher Offer: Up to $1,000 off a Galaxy S22-series phone when you add switch to a Verizon 5G Unlimited plan (or open a new line) and offer a qualifying trade-in. Plus, an extra $1,000 to help you pay things off when you switch.
  • BOGO Deal: Buy a Galaxy S22+ and get a second one for free when you switch or add a new line on select 5G Unlimited Plans. Also, get a free $1,000.
  • Trade-In Offer: Save up to $1,000 with a qualifying trade-in. Select 5G Unlimited plans only.
  • Pre-Order Deal: Pre-order your Galaxy S22 before February 25th and get a storage upgrade for free. So, if you pre-order the 128GB model, you get 256GB instead.
  • Tab S8+ Offers: Buy any Galaxy phone and save $130 on a Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G. You can also trade in a qualifying tablet for a $180 discount. All Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G orders come with a year of AMC+.

If you’re on a Verizon 5G Unlimited plan, then you’re practically guaranteed to save on the S22. You just need to pick which of these deals works best for you—for most people, I assume the basic trade-in offer is the way to go.

AT&T: Free S22 With Any Samsung Trade-In

A banner announcing AT&T Fiber multi-gig connections.

If you’re an AT&T customer rocking an old Samsung device, you could get the Galaxy S22 for free. All AT&T customers get $800 off an S22-series phone when they trade in a Galaxy S, Z, or Note device. Your trade-in device can be old as hell and in terrible condition—AT&T doesn’t care! (Your $800 discount doesn’t cover the full price of your S22+ or S22 Ultra, so if you get these larger phones, AT&T requires you to set up a qualifying installment plan.)

Plus, customers who pre-order a Galaxy S22 device are eligible for a free upgrade to the next storage tier. If you grabbed a 128GB model, for example, AT&T might offer you a 256GB configuration instead.

You can also save 50% on Samsung accessories when you buy a Samsung phone from AT&T. Though this particular deal isn’t exclusive to the S22-series devices.

T-Mobile and Sprint: Free S22 with Select Trade-Ins

T-Mobile logo

Both T-Mobile and Sprint customers can save big on S22-series phones (or get one for free) with a trade-in. It’s a solid deal, even if you aren’t on an unlimited plan!

That said, T-Mobile Magenta MAX customers (and those on select Sprint plans) get the best deal. You can get an S22 or S22+ for free with a qualifying trade-in, or save $1,000 on the new S22 Ultra.

All other T-Mobile and Sprint customers can save up to $500 on an S22-series device with a qualifying trade-in.

Additionally, all S22-series pre-orders at T-Mobile or Sprint come with a storage upgrade. If you pre-order the 128GB model, you’ll get the 256GB storage configuration for free!

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