The Best Paypal Alternatives In 2020

The Best PayPal Alternatives In 2020 | Make Payments Easily Worldwide

Best PayPal Alternatives In 2020 → Are you looking for a more useful alternative payment service to PayPal? Its always important to have plan B for whatever you’re doing, especially in this digital technology information age. PayPal has become compatible with online payments, and this universally accessible platform allows users to make financial transactions, completely doing away with the lack of bank transfers and checks.

PayPal is dominant for a reason — Co-Founded by Elon Musk, it’s been around the longest, it’s spent millions improving its brand, and Paypal also provides all the standard functions you’d be expecting. But, that doesn’t always make it your best option. Some clients simply can’t, or won’t, use the PayPal service. Because they might not be coming from an area that PayPal accepts payments from, or their accounting systems don’t support PayPal. Maybe they have had a bad experience with the platform, or just want an easier way to pay.

PayPal payment processing service needs the presence of a valid PayPal account on both the receiver and the sender’s end. Today Artificial Geek has a list of the best Paypal alternatives in 2020. So, check out our list of best Paypal alternatives in 2020 below and let us know about your experience with other alternatives to Paypal in the comment section below.

The Best Paypal Alternatives In 2020 – Artificial Geek List

1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is the Best alternative for Paypal, it is one of the fastest for receiving, sending, and paying money online. By using Google Wallet you will be able to send money online to your family or friends using their email address, and also you can fund the money from Google Wallet balance, debit or credit cards, bank account, or even their phone number.

2. Due

Due offers an end-to-end service that encompasses the entire billing and payment process for freelancers, small business owners, and companies. Besides providing time tracking and customized online invoicing options. The invoicing and payment processing features include more than hundreds of languages, tax systems, and currencies, as well as international credit card processing. The company acknowledges that your business may cross the globe.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is another best alternative to PayPal in 2020, especially for professionals, such as affiliate marketers, and freelancers who want to receive cash from other countries. Payoneer is a complete, integrated, fully-featured payment platform. It has a strong focus on global transactions and payments, making it easy to get paid by clients and customers around the world. Companies use Payoneer as a payment purpose along with net transfer and others; users can use Payoneer to receive their payments from anywhere in the world.

4. Stripe

Stripe is a feasible alternative payment service to PayPal. It allows a variety of payment methods including cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. If you’re a developer, you should now be using Stripe. Developers use Stripe to integrate a payment system into their projects via Stripe’s robust API.

5. Skrill

Skrill has become an attractive alternative to PayPal in 2020, thanks to features like low transaction fees, instant withdrawals and deposits, the ability to accept 35+ currencies, exclusive offers, and having the capacity to send text directly from your account. If you refer Skrill to your friends and family, the company will put 10% of the fees they generate from paying or sending money to your Skrill account for a complete year.

6. WePay

Implementing WePay on your site means setting up a way for customers to pay without leaving your site. WePay creates a digital terminal to process payment. WePay prides itself on its top-notch customer service and fraud coverage. Traders, however, like the fact that clients can make their purchases without having to leave their site, thanks to a virtual terminal. The only disadvantage is it is only available for the U.S.

7. Dwolla

Dwolla is another simple alternative for PayPal in 2020, as a payment service and a platform to send money to anyone on the web. When it comes to transferring money it has the same features like PayPal. Dwolla focuses more on bank transfers, or Automated Clearing House Payments, so users can create a customized payment solution where payments are received within a day. Best of all, transactions are free.

8. Apple Pay

If you’re a dealer, then it’s time to consider accepting Apple Pay. Transactions are faster and more secure since Apple Pay uses Touch ID confirmation. Apple Pay is still almost young, but don’t be shocked if the service will adapt to support older devices. Also, Apple is working on a P2P payments system within iMessage.

9. Amazon Payment

Amazon Payments is another best alternative for PayPal, and it comes from the web giant– Amazon. While we can use it as a single platform for processing money transactions online, there is a different class in Amazon Payments that suit different users– customers, businesses, and developers. Amazon Payments is free from the users’ point of view. By using Amazon WebPay, users can send or receive money by paying nothing.

10. Authorize.Net

You can’t leave out It’s been processing payments since 1996. It’s also the Internet’s most broadly-used payment gateway and has been the recipient of the Achievement in Customer Excellence award from 2008 to 2016. Nowadays, over 375,000 merchants are handling more than $88 billion in annual transactions safely through credit cards and e-checks.

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