The 9 Best Distraction-Free Writing Apps for Linux to Help You Focus

The 9 Best Distraction-Free Writing Apps for Linux to Help You Focus

Writing is a creative effort. Whether you are writing for your blog or working on documentation for a project, it demands focus in terms of brainstorming and thought organization.

You can find plenty of text editors for Linux that offer excellent features for writing. A category among these apps specializes in providing you with an environment that boosts concentration.

So, if you are looking for a minimal text editor that eliminates interruptions and distractions to increase your writing productivity, here are some quality apps for your Linux device.

1. Typora

typora interface

Typora is a somewhat well-known cross-platform text editor available for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It provides a clean and minimal interface that allows you to write efficiently without distractions and too many settings or options.

Typora will give you a feel of writing something on a blank paper as there is no header at the top. The app removes attention diverting elements like syntax highlighter and preview windows to help you stay focused.

Typora even has a focus mode and a typewriter mode to better suit your requirements. It also contains custom themes for personalizing the app. The app itself is free and available for various Linux distros.


Download: Typora (Free, Premium version available)

2. Left

The Main Writing Interface of the Left App

Left is another cross-platform text editor that allows you to write without distractions. It is a simple plain text editor with some handy features. The app’s interface makes it easier for you to navigate between the sections of a document quickly.

Using its sidebar, you can easily switch between multiple documents. The app also provides auto-indentation, reading mode, auto-complete, writing statistics, and other useful features.

Left is open-source and free for everyone. It is available for various Linux distros including Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch Linux.

Download: Left (Free)

3. ghostwriter

The Main Writing Interface of the Ghostwriter App

ghostwriter is an excellent choice for a minimal text editor. The app is available for both Linux and Windows. Its interface keeps you focused on your writing by limiting distractions.

You can use this app to work on Markdown documents as well. It has the option for a live HTML preview for your Markdown document.

ghostwriter has a focus mode that highlights only the current text around the cursor and fades the remaining document. It also provides other useful features like autosave, mathjax, cheat sheets, and multiple formats.

ghostwriter is an open-source app that is free for everyone to download and use. You can install it on your Linux machine by following instructions on its GitHub page.

Download: ghostwriter (Free)

4. FocusWriter

The Main Writing Interface of the FocusWriter App

FocusWriter is a distraction-free text editor for Linux and Windows devices. It automatically hides the edges of the interface to minimize distractions, giving it a clean paper-like look. It supports three file formats: TXT, basic RTF, and ODT.

You can customize the app by applying different themes, colors, and backgrounds. It also provides other nifty little features like autosave, spell checker, word count, and typing sounds.

FocusWriter is a free-to-use app. You can download it for your current Linux distro from the official website.

Download: FocusWriter (Free)

5. Apostrophe

Apostrophe main interface

Apostrophe is a Linux text editor focused on minimal UI for comfortable writing. The app has a separate distraction-free mode to help you concentrate on the task at hand. Apostrophe is also free like other apps on this list.

Apostrophe contains all the standard text editing features such as spell checker, word counter, document statistics, and more. It also allows you to export the documents in multiple formats, including HTML. Moreover, it shows you a live preview of your document in real-time.

Download: Apostrophe (Free)

6. Quilter

Main Text Editor Interface of the Quilter App

Quilter is a text editor that provides a clean UI to help you concentrate on your writing. The app allows you to save documents within documents and has special focus mode and dark mode features.

With its handy sidebar, you can access multiple files quickly. The app also lets you scale documents to full screen. And you can perform a quick search with its built-in search functionality.

Download: Quilter (Free)

7. Mark Text

Main Text Editor Interface of the Mark Text App

Mark Text is another cross-platform app on this list. It is completely free and is an advanced yet efficient text editor app. The app is ideal for professional writers.

Mark Text supports tables, diagrams, formulas, and code blocks, along with the support for Common Mark and GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec syntax. You can choose between various light and dark themes to customize your experience.

Download: Mark Text (Free)

8. Laverna

Main Text Editor Interface of the Laverna App

Laverna is a privacy-focused open-source text editor app. It is cross-platform and available for different platforms including Windows and Linux. The app keeps your work safe with strict data privacy policies. Its distraction-free features allow you to write without attention-diverting elements.

When you switch to the app’s distraction-free mode, you can focus fully on writing your notes. It also allows you to make a to-do list and you can easily import and export your files anytime.

Laverna is a free and open-source app. If you are privacy-focused, you can count on this app.

Download: Laverna (Free)

9. Abricotine

Main Text Editing Interface of the Abricotine App

Abricotine is a cross-platform Markdown editor. It helps you write in a distraction-free environment with its clean interface. The app has a full-screen mode as well to let you write seamlessly.

Abricotine allows you to preview the text inside the document automatically. It has a side panel that lets you navigate the document’s contents. The app also provides a handy spell checker feature. And you get all of these features for free, as it’s an open-source app.

Download: Abricotine (Free)

Concentrate on Your Writing With These Apps

As discussed above, writing needs a focused and uninterrupted environment. The apps on this list create the best possible environment for writers and thinkers to concentrate on creation without distractions.

Each of these apps has some unique features such as design, tools, or efficiency. But all of them lean towards one same goal, that is, improving focus. These apps will increase your productivity as a writer and help you write more quality content.

If you are not looking for a distraction-free text editor, you can check out the regular text editors for Linux.

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