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The 7 Best Chrome Extensions for Managing Downloads

If you often find yourself downloading files from the internet, you know how challenging it can be to keep and manage all those downloads. The slow loading speeds and interruptions only make things worse.

To make downloading files easier, you can install download manager browser extensions. Here, we list the seven best Chrome extensions for managing downloads.

1. Download Plus

download plus extension screenshot

Download Plus is a simple yet handy download manager extension for Google Chrome.

The extension shows you the list of downloaded items, along with the option to search them. From here, you can even delete (either from the list or local storage) and open downloads in the folder.

Similarly, you can pause/resume the downloading of files. The extension also notifies you when the downloads are completed. From Download Plus settings, you can choose whether to open the file, the folder, or Chrome’s built-in download manager by clicking the notification.

The lightweight extension works in several languages besides English. With over 200,000 downloads and a 4+ star rating, it’s surely a popular add-on among Chrome users.

Download: Download Plus for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Download Manager Pro

download manager pro

If you need an extension with clean and simple interface, Download Manager Pro is perhaps the best option.

Besides giving you a simple way of viewing and managing your downloads, Download Manager Pro makes it easy to download files. Simply, click on the extension icon, select +, and copy the address of the image/file you want to download.


From settings, you can turn on and off the notifications for download completion and change download location. If you don’t want to see all the downloads, you can restrict history to seven days.

Download: Download Manager Pro for Google Chrome (Free)

3. Download Manager

download manger chrome

Download Manager is another easy-to-use extension for those who want a simplified way of managing their downloads. With Download Manager, you can download images, videos, audio, and links with a few clicks.

Download Manager adds a download option in the right-click context menu when you click on any image/video. Though it makes downloading things a breeze, be careful with what you download. Downloading files like YouTube videos from the internet might cause legal issues.

The other way to start a download is to click on the extension, choose the download icon, and paste the link you want to download. For managing downloads, it lets you pause, resume, view, and delete downloaded files. Moreover, you can adjust the settings and appearance of the extension.

Download: Download Manager for Google Chrome (Free)

4. IDM Integration Module

IDM download screenshot

For power users, we’d advise using Internet Download Manager rather than relying on simple extensions. IDM is a full-fledged download manager desktop app for Windows.

IDM has integration extensions for most browsers, including Chrome. But these extensions only work after downloading the software.

Using Internet Download Manager, you can queue, speed up, and pause downloads. Moreover, it lets you set speed limits for downloading files. Best of all, IDM shows a download button with videos and in the context menu, making it simple to download files.

Internet Download Manager costs nearly $12 per year. Luckily, there’s a free 30-day trial. If you’re tired of Chrome’s slow download speed, it’s worth trying IDM.

Download: IDM Integration Module for Google Chrome (Paid)

5. Chrono Download Manager

Chrono download manager

Chrono Download Manager is a feature-rich extension for managing downloads.

It has a clean dashboard within the Chrome browser from where you can view all the downloaded and pending files. These are categorized by file types.

From here, you can start downloading new files, pause or resume the pending downloads in Chrome, and delete the downloaded files. It also adds a download option to the right-click context menu.

Perhaps the best feature of Chrono Download Manager is Sniffer. Chrono Sniffer auto-detects all the images, videos, files, etc. on a webpage and lets you download them together.

Another reason Chrono Download Manager is a great choice is that it’s customizable. From the appearance and behavior to filters and notifications, you can change almost anything according to your preference.

Chrono Download Manager is completely free. The extension is packed with features, but learning how to use them will take some time.

Download: Chrono Download Manager for Google Chrome (Free)

6. DownThemAll

downthemall screenshot

DownThemAll describes itself as the “mass downloader for your browser”. Using it, you can bulk-download, accelerate and queue the downloads.

As the name implies, DownThemAll lets you download all the files appearing on the page with a single click. Even better, you can download all the open tabs by right-clicking, hovering over DownThemAll, and then choosing OneClick! All Tabs.

As you can filter the type of files you want to download, this feature can come in handy when you want to download all images from a webpage.

For downloading images/files individually, right-click them and select Save image With DownThemAll. Alternatively, you can right-click anywhere, select Add A Download and paste the address.

The DownThemAll manager (which works within the browser) lets you manage and move the downloads up and down the queue. For power users, it has a ton of customization options, preference settings, and advanced features like renaming masks and filters.

Download: DownThemAll for Google Chrome (Free)

7. Thunder Download Manager

thunder download manager screeenshot

Compared to DownThemAll or Chrono Download Manager, Thunder Download Manager is quite a simple extension. If you just need a better way to install, queue, and resume/restart download, it’s a good choice for you.

But Thunder Download Manager has a very handy feature called Explorer. Thanks to this feature, Thunder Download Manager explores and creates a list of all downloadable files present on any webpage. You can hover your cursor over it to preview and download them.

You can also download by choosing the + icon and pasting the file address. Unfortunately, the download option is not available in the context menu. However, when you download/save any file, it’ll still be done through the Thunder Download Manager.

Download: Thunder Download Manager for Google Chrome (Free)

Manage Downloads Hassle-Free With Chrome Extensions

We get it. Downloading, naming, and managing all the files can be a real challenge. However, with the help of these download managers, you can not only queue but also speed up your downloads.

Though these extensions add several useful features, Google Chrome’s built-in download manager should work well for most people. It can still manage downloads quite reliably without any extensions, but lacks some advanced features.

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