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The 5 Best Online Tools to Remove Watermarks

There are a ridiculous number of images available on the internet for you to browse through, but many of them just aren’t quite what you’re looking for. Normally, if you wanted to remove an unwanted part of an image such as a watermark, you’d have to do it yourself using dedicated software.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Websites where you can upload any image and remove the parts that you don’t want really do exist, and most of them are free and easy to use. Here are five of the best.

A Screenshot of Wonder's Watermark Removal Service in Use

First up on this list is Wondershare. Wondershare is an online service that provides various online image-editing functions such as removing background, enlarging images, and of course, removing watermarks.

While this won’t help you to remove the Activate Windows 10 watermark, for instance, it will help you to remove watermarks from any image that you find.

For this article, we’re focusing on watermark removal, which is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is upload an image that contains watermarks for you to remove. You can do this by uploading an image, drag and dropping, pasting an image into your browser, or by URL.


From there you’ll be able to see your image displayed and a couple of options around it. All you need to do is draw across the parts of your image which contain a watermark and then click the Remove Objects button. Wondershare will take care of the rest of the process for you.

You can adjust the size of the brush for larger or smaller objects, and can undo any changes as you go with a couple of handy undo and redo buttons.

It’s worth noting that Wondershare isn’t free for most features. If you want to remove unwanted objects from an image without Wondershare placing its own watermark on your edited image, then that will cost you two credits.

You can buy credits in a variety of different packages and at different price points, so just how much this will realistically cost you will vary based on these factors.

A Screenshot of Inpaint's Watermark Removal Service in Use

Next up we have Inpaint. If you’re more familiar with editing programs that are full of features or just want a little more control over your editing, then Inpaint is a great option to do just that.

With Inpaint, the process is pretty familiar. You upload an image to edit right onto its website by either drag and drop or manual upload, then get to editing.

The options once you make it to the editing stage are quite diverse. You can use a marker tool to select objects as you might do with many other editors, but you also get access to polygonal and free-hand lasso tools to help you quickly and accurately select large areas as well.

You can adjust the donor areas of your object removal as well if you want to really fine-tune what you’re doing, though this can sometimes give unpredictable results if you don’t know exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish.

Low-resolution images are free to download after editing, but if you want to purchase anything in your original quality, you’ll need to purchase download credits to work with the site.

A Screenshot of Aiseesoft's Watermark Removal Service in Use

If you’re not really sure how watermark removal or image editing works but are still looking to give it a go, then the Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover is an excellent option to do just that.

Getting started with the watermark remover is about what you would expect. You upload an image either manually or by drag and drop.

From there, the Aiseesoft will run you through a helpful little guide to show you how to use its features. This is super useful if you feel less than confident working with images editors and the like.

Once you feel like you understand what each function does, you can begin actually working on your image. Aiseesoft includes a solid array of different functions, such as polygonal and free-hand lasso tools, as well as the standard brush to select your watermarks.

Once you’re ready and happy with how your image looks, you have the choice to crop and then download your work. As the name implies, Aiseesoft’s Watermark Remover is an entirely free service, so you can download your images without having to worry about any credits or the like.

A Screenshot of Apowersoft's Watermark Removal Service in Use

Next up on this list comes Apowersoft’s Online Watermark Remover. If you’re looking for something that works a little differently from some of the other entries on this list, then Apowersoft’s Watermark Remover might be more to your tastes.

It even supports watermark removal from videos, which is great if you’ve decided to add a watermark to your video and are now regretting it. Unlike the brush and lasso tools that are common in many other watermark removers, Apowersoft gives you boxes to remove your watermarks instead.

You can add as many of these boxes as you like, resize each to fit the size of the watermark that you’re trying to remove, and adjust each as you go. Once you’ve placed a box around each watermark, all you need to do is click the Erase button and Apowersoft will do the rest of the work for you.

While the results that you’ll get are pretty good, it is worth mentioning that this box form of watermark selection doesn’t always allow you the most freedom for customization. For instance, if you have a watermark on a diagonal, then selecting it is pretty hard.

There is also a lack of image previewing for the service, meaning that you just have to download the image after selecting the watermark and hoping it turns out okay. Luckily, Apowersoft’s Watermark Remover is entirely free, which means that you can try this as many times as you want.

A Screenshot of Cutout.Pro's Watermark Removal Service in Use

Last but not least, we have Cutout.Pro. If you’re looking for a more traditional watermark removal service that still gives good results, then Cutout.Pro is a solid choice.

The upload for Cutout.Pro is fairly standard, with manual upload, drag and drop, pasting image, and URL uploads all being supported.

Once uploaded, you’ll have options to select watermarks by either brush or by lasso. What’s different about Cutout.Pro is that it removes as you select, as opposed to requiring a separate button dedicated to this function.

As such, the web service removes as you work, which may help you to see what you’re doing, or may simply get in the way depending on how you use the service.

Once you’ve selected your watermarks and removed them, you can download your image. Low-resolution images are free, though higher resolutions are going to cost you credits to do so.

Remove Watermarks Anywhere and Everywhere

Hopefully, somewhere on this list, you’ve managed to find an online service for removing watermarks that clicks with you. There are a lot of different ways to remove watermarks from images, and though these are some of the best online options, they aren’t the only options available to you.

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