3 Best Search Tools For Windows in 2020

The 3 Best Search Tools For Windows In 2020

If you have used Windows in your lifetime, you already know that Windows comes with its own inbuilt search engine allowing you to instantly search for files and folders on your system. But sometimes, you might find the default Windows search does not find the files you know exist or just takes ages to perform a search altogether. I know from a Windows 7 point of view (as I still use that OS today), that sometimes I have to manually find the files or folders I’m looking for. Or Windows search itself hogs all the resources my machine has to offer while performing a search. Windows 10 users are probably familiar with Cortana, the personal assistant that helps you perform file/folder searches on your machine, including web results as well. So mostly for the older Windows OS users, Artificial Geek has put together the 3 best search tools for Windows in 2020. By all means, try them out in Windows 10.

3 Best Search Tools For Windows In 2020


Locate32 is one of the best search utility programs for Windows users. With the help of Locate32, you can easily find every type of file and folder on your hard drive in seconds. It can also recognize external hard drives, USB hard drives and even remote devices connected to your PC. Another great feature is that Locate32 can even find text or data within files themselves.

In my opinion, it’s very easy to use, all you need to do is download Locate32, install and you’re ready to search. Even though it’s similar to the next two best search tools for Windows in 2020, the best thing its got going for it, is its simplicity, and the ability to find all files and folders in almost every format.


UltraSearch is a freeware searching tools and it helps users to search for any files or folders on their local hard drives. With the word Ultra in its name, you can expect fast search results even including file formats like .bin, .exe etc. It’s that fast before you’ve even finished typing your search term it will start showing you results. While it can find pretty much every type of file like RTF, CSV. HTML etc, UltraSearch can also give you the complete details about a specific file or folder when you locate it.

File SearchEX

The third best search tool for Windows is File SearchEX for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. It’s probably the best alternative to the default Windows search engine. It can locate any type of files within seconds including PDF Files, RAR files, and more. It also searches USB devices, mobile devices, removable devices and remote devices.

So thats my list of the best search tools for Windows in 2020. Hope it helped.

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