Increase Download Speed with TCP Patch for Windows XP

By default, Microsoft Windows XP caps how many TCP/IP Half Open connections you can make at one time. With this patch from LvlLord, you’ll be able to increase TCP/IP Half Open connections to whatever number you’d like. The best thing about the TCP patch for Windows XP, is that it great for torrent users. Combined with my best uTorrent settings, these two tips will dramatically improve your download speed.

Apply TCP Patch To Windows XP, For Super Fast Downloads!

The reason being, is nowadays Windows has a smaller connection cap then Windows XP had, meaning that when your download from seeders or peers, in your torrent client, it’s limited to how many of them it can actually connect to. Imagine if you could connect to all of the seeders and peers that were available? Your download speeds will go through the roof every time.

And that’s exactly what the TCP/IP Patch for Windows XP does!

Install the TCP/IP Patch

Step 1. Download the latest version here.

Step 2. Extract the .zip file and save to desktop. (You may need WinRAR to extract).

Step 3. Double click on the TCP Patch file.

Hit the letter ”C” on your keyboard and hit enter.


Make sure there is no Windows XP disc in the drive and type in ”79000” and hit enter.


The patch will now count down from 15 – 0, meanwhile Windows XP will ask to insert the Windows XP Installation media, because it knows that the system files are being changed. Just cancel this when it pops up and let the TCP patch count all the way down. Once it’s at 0, you can press any key to exit.


Perform a quick restart just to make sure the changes have been made.

Now you can connect to a lot of seeders and peers when downloading those torrents.

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