SysAid Help Desk Review: Features, Pros & Cons

SysAid is a feature-rich help desk software to manage customer relations for your brand. You can resolve your customers’ issues faster by cross-referencing tickets with the users and their assets. Plus, your employees can solve common IT issues independently through its self-service features.


The most interesting part of this tool is its automation feature, i.e., it sorts, prioritizes, and routes tickets automatically to the related desk, so your customer’s issues are solved quicker.

It also allows the help desk to remotely access user machines and generate performance reports through the dashboard.

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Key features:

  • Self-service automation – Its automated password reset and one-click issue submissions give employees an effortless experience of instantly resolving common IT problems all on their own.
  • Ticket Automation – All tickets are automatically sorted and routed to the right desk, hence, allowing issues to be acknowledged and dealt with immediately.
  • Asset Management – All assets are managed directly within the service desks. With all the data and records available in each ticket, this helps speed up issues-solving.
  • Remote Control – Allows remote control of users’ machines to help resolve issues.
  • Codeless Configuration – UI can be configured based on your preferences, and different user access can also be customized without coding knowledge.
  • Hotkey – Hotkey allows end users to record what’s on their screen in one click and then upload it instantly to the ticket.


  • Transform ticket managing with many handy.
  • Serves on the cloud.
  • Has an on-premise delivery mode.
  • Various IT services management capabilities to do much more on a single platform.
  • Easy for users to submit incidents and service requests.
  • User-friendly Self-service portal.
  • Easy Setup, Customizable.
  • Helpful and responsive tech support.
  • Live chat with support available.


  • It is not free.
  • Too many configuration options lead to confusion.
  • Costly for startups with low budget.

Frequency Asked Questions

What is SysAid Help Desk used for?

SysAid helps with request management and request management through workflow and automation. It also offers features like self-service portals, remote access to user machines, email integration, and a sufficient knowledge base.

It is help desk software that supports incident management and request management with workflow and automation, along with other efficiency and customer-experience-improving capabilities, such as self-service portals, knowledge bases, remote control, self-service password reset, and email integration.

Who uses SysAid Help Desk?

SysAid is currently being used by many market leaders and huge enterprises, which include IKEA, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Motorola, and Johns Hopkins, to name a few.

How much does the SysAid Help Desk costs?

SysAid is not a free tool, but it offers a free trial, so you can test its features. There are different options for payment depending on the number of administrators and assets you need, additional modules, etc. These include Basic or Full Edition, ranging from $1,211 with 500 assets and 5 users/year, or $1,611 for 1,000 assets/year.

Does SysAid Help Desk have an app?

Yes. SysAid Mobile is available on all Android and iOS devices.

What are the alternatives for SysAid Help Desk?

If you’re looking at some SysAid alternatives, you can check out Zoho Desk, ZenDesk, Freshdesk, and ManageEngine.

Does SysAid have an API?

Yes, SysAid has an API that allows up to two login requests and up to 1000 other requests every five minutes.

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