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Steam In Home Streaming

Have you ever wanted to play a game from your sweet ass gaming rig to another lesser spec PC or laptop? Look no further, as steam in-home streaming allows you to do exactly that. Pretty cool right? Now you can let your awesome gaming PC share those games to any other computer in your house through your home network.

What is steam in home streaming?

To get the best streaming possible over your network, you will need to have the following specs or higher:

  • An Intel i5 Quad Core CPU or AMD Equivalent
  • NVidia GeForce 650 Series/ AMD 7000 Series or Higher. (NVidia 650 and upwards all support hardware encoding, check out this post for a list of supported AMD graphics card).
  • 8GB, But this will depend on what games you will be playing. (you may get away with lower)

What else do I need for steam in home streaming to work?

For a basic set up, you will need:

  • Your Gaming PC with the required specs
  • A home network
  • A Steam Link or Lesser spec computer running steam.
Steam In Home Streaming

How Much Is It?

When I was looking into the Steam in-home streaming, so I could play all my games in bed on a laptop from my gaming pc that’s in the study, I started to think this type of technology can’t be free. How much is it going to cost me then? Turns out, I was wrong. It’s free, which I’m loving. And to be honest I don’t think you should have to pay for something that allows you to stream games you have already paid for to another computer in your own house, using your own network.

Any Downsides to Steam in home streaming?

Because this is made by steam, of course, it only works with games you can have in your steam library. For me, I would love to play FIFA with steam in-home streaming but it’s an origin game, so that kind of sucks! But for the majority of people who have tons of games on their steam accounts, go to town!

There is only two types on controllers that work with steam in-home streaming too. You can either use steams own controller, or if you have an XBOX 360 controller, you’re in luck, just connect it up to the pc receiving the stream and you’re free to play.

To get started, download and install Steam on both computers, sign in with the same account and select a game from your library and share. That simple!

Alternative: Moonlight Game Streaming

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