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ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director) | Input Director Download

Only one mouse & keyboard but multiple computers? Want to share your mouse and keyboard with other computers on your network? ShareMouse will allow you to share your mouse and keyboard on a master machine and connect it to multiple slave machines on your network.

Input Director Download Allows You To Share Your Mouse and Keyboard On Your Network

As a blogger, for me this makes life such a little easier when you’re searching the web and writing. One screen I can just web browse and the other whatever else…. you guys know what I mean. So ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director) came to me when I decided to change from the previous software I was using which was Synergy. Wasnt because I disliked the program, actually it was fantastic until I moved house and the wi-fi signal was poor and shared by many. So I seemed to develop a lot of lag, so in the end I gave up and started fresh with ShareMouse.

ShareMouse out of about 5 other software I used, did seem the far more stable and smoother, plus the lag was the lowest, which for any computer geek, we hate lag. Like I say though, Synergy is decent, so id recommend that as well to try, I have a tutorial here for you to follow: How To Share Your Keyboard and Mouse On Multiple Computers.

Share Mouse and Keyboard Between Computers With ShareMouse (Works with all systems using the keybaord and mouse)

Right… This should take 5 mins, so let’s go! First, we need to go ahead and download ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director) on all the computers we are going to include in this setup. For me and my set up with ShareMouse, I’m going to be using 2 computers. For others who have more, just follow the steps about slave machines to add more computers.

Link to download ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director) is Here: ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director)

When on the web page, just click on Download Input Director v1.4.


Depending on what you like to do, I always like to save the file, so ill be choosing that option. choose your choice and hit OK.

To extract the downloaded file you’ll need a program called WinRAR. You can download it here.

So, go ahead and open the file and extract the content to somewhere on your computer, for ease, I suggest desktop.


double-click on the extracted executable to start the installation process. Click Next > to continue.

Specify the location you want the installation for ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director). And click Install to continue.

ShareMouse a.k.a Input Director Share Your keyboard and Mouse 6

When suggested “Would you like to run Input Director now?”, Click Yes.

Share a single keyboard & mouse

Few features:

Set Master PC On ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director)

Once Input Director (ShareMouse) has opened,

On the Slave PC/s, which is the PCs that Doesn’t have a keyboard and mouse attached and will be controlled from the master PC. All the other monitor/screens that you’d be controlling, will be classed as Slave PC’s as well.

So, okay, on the Slave PCs, Select Enable as Slave When input Director opens up.

Now select Allow only the computers listed below to take control, and click Add.

Enter either the name of the PC or the IP of the computer which is going to connect and take over the slave computer.  And hit OK.

Now on the main Master PC, select the tab that says Master Configuration. Under Slave Systems select Add.

In the empty box next to Hostname, enter the Name or IP of the Slave PC/s you are connecting. Then hit OK.

The Master PC should now then send a ping message/s to the Slave PC/s so you can confirm the connection. Accept and then you should see the same image as below. Here you can click and grab the screens around for your own customization. As you can see, The PC (Copp-PC) is located to the right of my Master System.

I also wanted to make sure ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director) started up on Windows boot up. So if you want the same, hit the tab called Global Preferences and select Run Input Director on Startup. I unpicked Cursor “Water Ripple” effect as it can be very annoying you’ll see what I mean.

On the Master PC, Hit the tab named Main, and enable ShareMouse (a.k.a. Input Director). All computers should now connect! Your now controlling multiple PCs with 1 mouse and 1 keyboard.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and if anyone has any other software I should give a try, let me know. And please subscribe, thanks.

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