How To Send Remote Assistance Invitation Windows 10

Need support from a friend or family member, find out how to send a Remote Assistance Invitation in Windows 10.

How To Send Remote Assistance Invitation In Windows 10 – Send Remote Access Invitation

Follow these steps, and your support will arrive.

Step 1. Type ”msra.exe” into the search box next to the start button, and select msra.exe like in the picture below.

Remote Assistance Invitation 1

Step 2. Windows Remote Assistance should start up, asking you if you would like to ”Invite someone you trust to help you”. So, go ahead and click it.

Remote Assistance Invitation 2

Step 3. There are 3 options Windows Remote Assistance allows you to send your invitations. I find the easiest option is saving the invitation as a file on your pc and attaching it to an email. You can choose the email option at this point but if you don’t have outlook set up. You will come to a halt until you set it up. For this guide, I’ll use the first option and save the file, so go ahead and select ”Save this invitation as a file”.

Remote Assistance Invitation 3

Step 4. Browse to your desktop and hit ”save” to save the file. Saving it to the desktop makes it easier to locate when we come to attach it to an email.

Remote Assistance Windows 10 4

Step 5. Once the Windows Remote Assistance has saved your file, a window will pop up giving you the password to your saved file. This password will be needed by the helper when they try to connect to your remote assistance session, so keep it open.

Remote Assistance Invitation 5

Step 6. Open your browser and log into your emails, create a new email with the helper’s email address as the recipient. Add a subject if you like, now insert the Remote Assistance Initiation you saved to the desktop earlier to your email. Copy and paste the initiation password into the email as well, so that the helper will have it when he opens the attachment.

Remote Assistance Windows 10 6

Step 7. Once you’ve sent the email with the invitation file and password.

Now that you have learned how to Send a Remote Assistance Invitation in Windows 10, you can ask your helper to open the attachment you sent and establish a connection to your Windows 10 PC with the password you provided.

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