Samsung’s Website Won’t Let You Pre-Order a Galaxy S22

Samsung’s Website Won’t Let You Pre-Order a Galaxy S22


It seems that Samsung’s webstore is a bit overwhelmed. Customers trying to pre-order a Galaxy S22 from Samsung are encountering an error, or worse, a blank screen. Affected customers say the website’s been acting up since Samsung’s Unpacked event ended at 11 AM EST.

Our best guess is that Samsung struck gold. Its long-awaited Galaxy Note successor, the S22 Ultra, may be drawing too many customers to its website.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pre-order your Galaxy S22 at Samsung. Several other retailers, including Best Buy, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are offering killer deals for Galaxy S22 pre-orders. You may actually save more money buying the phone from your carrier than from Samsung.

We’ll update this article if Samsung makes a statement or gets its website working. In the meantime, I suggest pre-ordering the Galaxy S22 somewhere else. Getting into the Samsung website late could mean receiving your pre-order late—at least, that’s how every major smartphone launch has worked throughout the pandemic.

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