How To Hack A WiFi Network

Quick Way To Hack a WiFi Network

When it comes to hacking networks, my go-to operating system is Kali Linux. It has all the tools and software you need to penetrate any WiFi network. But what if you don’t have access to a system with Kali Linux installed? Here is a quick way to hack a WiFi network below.

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How To Hack a WiFi Network

Step 1

  • Download Waircut by clicking https://sourceforge…ojects/waircut/
  • You’ll also need Jumpstart, you can download that by clicking
  • (if the jumpstart doesn’t start, watch this clip):…h?v=Gjf0PxhGU0U

Step 2

  • Startup Waircut and run a scan.

Step 3

  • You will see the a list of WiFi networks in your area, click on the one you want to hack.

Step 4

  • Click on Pixie Dust.
  • Now it will search for the WiFi password (this will take a second).
  • Just to let you know that your PC will disconnect from the internet while doing this.

When it’s done hacking the WiFi network, you should have the WiFi password.

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