PlayStation Network was down globally for over an hour

PlayStation Network was down globally for over an hour

If you were having issues with the PlayStation Network (PSN) this evening or afternoon, you weren’t alone. The service suffered an outage, with multiplayer, store services, and more going down for around an hour. The outage appeared to be global — the official Ask PlayStation Japan Twitter account reported the issue, and we saw many users from Europe also reporting problems.

It seems like it’s resolved now, with the PSN status page showing that everything is up and running. I’ve also confirmed that I’ve been able to download a game from the PlayStation Store, and hop into a multiplayer match.

The PSN status page at 6:55PM ET.

The outage affected all the categories listed on the PSN’s status page — account management, gaming and social, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Direct — all were marked as being down for about an hour (though reports of the outage started rolling in around 20 minutes before the status page lights started turning red).

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Sony’s PSN status page, as of 5:48PM ET.

During the outage, multiple Verge staffers had difficulties downloading items from the store, playing multiplayer games, checking leaderboards, and loading the PlayStation app on their phones. Reports on Downdetector peaked around 44,000, after they started to flow in at about 5PM ET.

Sony didn’t reply to a request for comment.

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