OMDO – The Autostereogram DOOM Game

Everyone remembers the game DOOM, but have you played the game in autostereogram? OMDO plays exactly like DOOM, excepts that every frame as been generated with a dot autostereogram. Don’t know what an autostereogram is? Read more about it here.

For people who just want to move on, basically through the whole DOOM game you have to either go cross-eyed or wall-eyed in order to see the actual game. Otherwise, it will just look like a bunch of dots like the picture below.

Blogum the creators of OMDO have made the first three maps fully functional thanks to the help of DoomLoader (check out below). A little tip, it does help massively to get yourself familiar with the maps first before trying the autostereogram version of DOOM. Just a recommendation, you don’t have to. Also, the game gives you the option to switch between cross and parallel view, depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

The Controls

Pretty much regular DOOM controls for most of the game. WASD and mouse to move and look around. Space bar to use, left click to shoot. Quick tip, if you hit a wall at the end of a corridor its probably a door so try hitting space to use. I felt like a crash dummy for a good 5 minutes before realising.

Software Run-down

Blogum designed the autostereogram twist with the help from DoomLoader, which us an amazing Unity asset package made by Risto Paasivirta for the function of loading DOOM WAD files directly into Unity. Only the first DOOM WAD is included, which is available as shareware on the wiki.

The autostereogram algorithm was originally written in C in a paper published by Harold Thimbleby, Stuart Inglis, and Ian Witten. Also, a web app called MagicEye.js adapted it to JS, and Blogum designed a similar version in C# for Unity.

OMDO (DOOM) – Game Info

  • Prototype
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Designed by Blogum
  • Action, First-Person Shooter

Install Instructions

Unzip and run the .exe file


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