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NixOS, a Linux distribution with a focus on reproducibility, has been updated to version 21.05, a major release that introduces new technologies, new features, and numerous improvements.

More than seven months in the works, NixOS 21.05 is dubbed “Okapi” (a.k.a. the forest giraffe) and comes with major component updates, starting from the core as the default kernel has been upgraded from Linux 5.4 LTS to the latest long-term supported series, Linux 5.10 LTS.

However, NixOS 21.05 also supports the latest and greatest Linux 5.12 kernel, if you install the linux_latest package from the repositories, but the developers of this unique Linux distribution don’t recommend using it with the ZFS file system.

Another big change of the NixOS 21.05 release is the bold move to the latest GNOME 40 desktop environment. The main edition, which is recommended for more users, ships with GNOME 40.1 and offers the same layout that we can see in other popular distros, namely with the Activities Overview as default view.

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