Minimize Programs On Windows Startup

Sick and tired of having to minimize a program when you first boot into windows? Automatically minimize programs on Windows startup by configuring application shortcuts. Saving you countless seconds each week from hitting the minimize button. Think about it:

It takes you 2 seconds to minimize programs on windows startup. And say you turn your PC on average twice a day, that’s 4 seconds each day. 4 seconds times by 7 days equals 28 seconds a week. So, 28 seconds times by 52 weeks equals 1456 seconds. That’s 24 minutes every year! You can get yourself eight cups of coffee in that time.

How To Automatically Minimize Programs

Anyway, this trick to minimize programs on Windows startup, will get rid of that annoyance of doing it manually. And it can be applied to any Windows shortcut you like.

Minimise Programs on Windows Startup

Locate the shortcut of the program you would like to startup minimized, right-click and select ”Properties”.

Minimise Programs on Windows Startup

If it hasn’t automatically, select the shortcut tab. And under run select ”Minimized”, and click ”Apply” then hit OK.

Minimise Programs on Windows Startup 2

Next time you startup your Windows computers, you will find that the program will start minimized.

If you get stuck, check out the tutorial video on YouTube.

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