Windows 11’s Big 22H2 Update Might Arrive in September 2022

Microsoft Is Testing Tabs in Windows Notepad

Tabs aren’t just limited to web browsers, and they’ve been showing up in more Windows applications over the past few years. Now they could be coming to Notepad.

A now-deleted tweet from a Microsoft employee revealed an internal build of Notepad with support for tabs. Just like you can currently do in your browser, you’ll be able to open and edit multiple text files and keep them all organized within a single window. The screenshot shows that the window has a big “Confidential” warning that warns people against discussing features or taking screenshots, suggesting it’s not ready for primetime yet.

Microsoft employee, via Windows Central

Tabs were also added to the File Explorer recently, so Microsoft is just following up on another piece of software many people often open several windows with. This will help keep things clear and better organized if you’re frequently finding yourself reaching for the Notepad shortcut to jot down something on your PC.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it right now, but it’ll likely roll out to insiders in the next few months, as 2023 rolls around.

Source: Windows Central

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