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Microsoft Cloud Defender extends support to Google Cloud

In what seems to be a new change, Microsoft Cloud Defender has offered to extend its cloud-native capabilities to Google Cloud Platform. So, with this announcement, it is clear that the Defender will now cover all major bases or work natively with all the major public cloud platforms.

Microsoft Cloud Defender extends support to Google Cloud

Most organizations today have embraced a multi-cloud strategy owing to its flexibility and cost optimization but there’s one inherent problem with it – security teams often struggle with the resulting complexity. We all know, while managing risk is critical, preventing and responding to threats is equally relevant for a comprehensive cloud security strategy. With Microsoft Cloud Defender organizations can easily understand and manage their security postures across clouds, and help protect their workloads.

After releasing support for AWS last November, today we’re excited to announce that Microsoft Defender for Cloud now supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with its native CSPM and CWP capabilities, without any dependencies on Google 1st party tools. The support for GCP comes with a simplified onboarding experience, more than 80 out-of-the-box recommendations to harden your environment, and more said Gilad Elyashar in a blog post. It also makes Microsoft the only cloud provider who enables you to manage security centrally across clouds, he further added.

Microsoft believes Defender support for Google Cloud will help to simplify security for organizations pursuing multi-cloud strategies by eliminating the gaps and vulnerabilities. It will enable them to easily understand and manage their security posture across the cloud services and protect their workloads from a central place – no matter what service they are using – Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GCP, or on-premises.

Defender for Cloud (formerly known as Azure Security Center and Azure Defender) is a security solution that monitors cloud services for threats, makes recommendations to tighten security controls.

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