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Medal of Honor Airborne Installer Dissapears

Back when MOH Airborne got released, it was one of the first Medal Of Honour games that I managed to sink my teeth into and enjoy. One day this week, I was cleaning out my cupboards and found MOH Airborne. So I decided to give it one last go, and see how it compared to the newer versions. But when i went to install the game, the Medal of Honor Airborne installer disappears. it turns out that the games installer has a problem with Nvidia PhysX.

Solution To Medal of Honor Airborne Installer Problems

So, to start of with, I started the installation from the original disc on a Windows 7 machine. A few seconds after the Medal of Honor installer pops up, it just disappears. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my Windows 7 installation, so I decided to perform a fresh install of Windows 7. But when I went to install Medal of Honor Airborne again, the same thing would happen.

After some research online, I found out that the MOH Airborne installer had problems with Nvidia PhysX on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

To get past this issue, what you will need to do it, completely uninstall the Nvidia PhysX version you have on your system at the minute. and let Medal of Honor Airborne install its original version of PhysX. This will help the installer bypass the problem of disappearing and let you install this classic MOH game onto your Windows 7, 8, and 10 system. Once Medal of Honor Airborne completes the installation, you can then update to the latest version of Nvidia PhysX from Nvidia Website.

Steps For Medal of Honor Airborne Installer Issues With Nvidia PhysX

  • Uninstall the latest version of Nvidia PhysX from your Windows machine. ”Start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs – Nvidia PhysX”.
  • Start The Medal of Honor Airborne Installation.
  • Then update Nvidia PhysX from Nvidia’s website:

Hoped this little step by step guide helped? Let me know.

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