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Make Windows 11 remember Apps, Preferences, Settings across devices

Cloud-based technology has been in quite the focus for a few years now. It is getting smarter day by day and IT companies are trying their best to make it better for their applications. If you wish to get quick access to your apps and preferences on any Windows 11 device, then we show you how you can achieve this.

Make Windows 11 remember Apps, Preferences, Settings across devices

Remember my Apps and Preferences

The procedure to get quick access to your apps and preferences on any Windows 11 device is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select Settings.
  2. In the left pane, go to Accounts.
  3. In the right pane, select Windows Backup.
  4. Turn the switch associated with Remember my apps to On
  5. Also, turn the switch associated with Remember my preferences to On.

Under Remember my preferences you will see three options:

  • Passwords
  • Language preferences
  • Other Windows settings.

Select the ones you want to sync.

Now, you would be able to access your apps and preferences through your Microsoft account on any compatible device.

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What is the use of Remember my Apps and Preferences setting?

These days, people are used to mobility and convenience. If you use multiple devices across multiple locations, it would be difficult to install the same applications across every device. Thus the mentioned option would be very useful. You can copy and paste preferences from your home computer to your office computer.

Does Microsoft store my system information as backup without my permission?

Yes, Microsoft back’s up the files in the Pictures folder, Documents, and Desktop by default without the knowledge of the user. These settings could be replicated on any system which is connected to the same Microsoft account. If you are conscious of system privacy, then please unlink the option to save these folders as a backup.

Doing so is very important to maintain the privacy of your system. Otherwise, even if you reinstall your operating system, the files will show in the reinstalled version/s and also across other devices.

Why are people shifting towards cloud technology?

People are shifting towards cloud technology for the convenience of the same. Earlier, smaller files would have to be transferred through email every time and larger files would need to be transferred through external storage. However, as internet connections grew faster and cloud spaces grow larger, it is quite feasible to shift data from a whole system to the cloud.

Does this option backup ALL apps and preferences?

This option will backup all Microsoft apps. However, some third-party applications could be resistant to the backup. As for preferences, all of them would be replicated to the next computer.

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Make Windows 11 remember Apps, Preferences, Settings

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