How To Install VMware Tools For Windows 7

So, after creating your new windows 7 virtual machine, the best thing you can do is install VMware tools. You may have noticed already that your Windows 7 virtual machine seems a little sluggish or less responsive than normal. When you install VMware tools for windows 7, you’ll get a nice flowing feel to your virtual machine. for example, you should notice a big improvement in the visuals interface and mouse movement.

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Install VMware Tools For Windows 7 To Get Better Performance

Step 1. Assuming you are on the desktop of your newly created Windows 7 virtual machine in VMware, we need to start the installation of VMware Tools, to do this we need to mount the VMware Tools for Windows 7 image by clicking on ”Install Tools” at the bottom of VMware Workstation. If it isn’t shown there, you can select it by going to ”VM –> Install VM Tools…”.

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (1)

Step 2. The VMware Tools should now be mounted as a DVD, and autoplay should kick in allow you to select ”Run setupx64.exe” or ”Run setupx86.exe” depending on your virtual machine. If autoplay doesn’t pop up, navigate your way to ”My Computer” and select the ”VMware Tools DVD” and start the installation process.

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (2)

Step 3. Click ”Yes” to allow the following program to make changes to this computer.

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (3)

Step 4. Click ”Next” to continue,

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (4)

I like to select ”Complete” installation, just so I know I’ve got everything installed, you can stay with the ”Typical” installation which is fine, or ”Custom” if you know what you’re doing, and hit ”Next”.

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (5)

Hit ”Install”.

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (6)

When the VMware installation has finished, click ”Finish”,

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (7)

VMware Tools may ask you to restart your virtual machine, so that VMware Tools can take effect, so go ahead and hit ”Yes” to restart.

Install-VMware-Tools-Windows-7 (8)

That’s it!

After restarting your virtual machine, Windows 7 VMware Tools are now successfully installed. And you should notice an improvement straight away.

To make even more improvements after completing ”How To Install VMware Tools For Windows 7” guide.

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