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Install RARflix On Now TV Box Guide | Rarflix Roku

RARflix is a similar app to the Plex app that allows users to stream multimedia content to your Now TV box. If you’re having a hard time getting the Plex app to work. Which to my knowledge doesn’t work after an update by SKY. I suggest you follow this guide on how to install RARflix on Now TV box. Plus it has more features going for it.

Installing RARflix

Before we begin, if you havent already, you will need to create an account and sign into your Now TV box, before proceeding.

When you’re at the home screen, you need to input a sequence of buttons, to allow you to access the development mode.

In order press ”Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right”

If done correctly, you should get sent to the Developer Settings page.

At the bottom you should see ”Enable Installer”. Select this and agree to the SDK License Agreement and hit ”Enable Installer and restart”.

Once the Now TV box restarts, you’ll be taken back to the Developer Settings. Here select reset password and create a new password for your now tv box, and note it down.

Lets Install RARflix on Now TV

On your Now TV box, there will be an IP address and a username. note these down and head over to a computer. Example –, Username – rokudev.

Open up your favorite web browser,  and type the IP address into the web address box, and hit enter.

On the Roku Development Application Installer screen, select Browse, and install the RARflix app.

Download RARflix App Here.

Once the RARflix app is installed, you will receive a message saying the installation was successful.

Head back to your Now TV box and select My Apps. You should now see a brand new app called RARflix.

Remember – You will need to install Plex Media Server on a machine connected to your home network, to start streaming content.

Find out how to install Plex Media Server here.

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