How To Install Fusion on Kodi With Images

This guide will show you how to install Fusion on Kodi, which will allow you to access hundreds of hours of streaming content straight onto your computer, absolutely free.

Fusion On Kodi Media Centre

Being a Kodi user myself, I do recommend using a VPN, this will allow you to access blocked sources, unlock geo-blocked content, and keep you anonymous from your ISP.

Note – As Fusion is a third party software, the Kodi team are not responsible for anything that goes wrong, so please don’t post any comments relating to this guide or add-on.

Note: You will need to allow unknown sources in settings.

Let’s start streaming movies and TV shows

Step 1. Begin by heading over to KODI and downloading the latest build. Once you’ve downloaded it, select the setup and begin with the installation process.

Step 2. Now you’ve got KODI installed, boot it up by clicking the Kodi shortcut on your desktop, assuming you’ve added one, or by hitting Start –> Programs –> Kodi.

  • With Kodi now open, scroll right to ”System –> File Manager”, and select ”Add source”.
Install Fusion on Kodi (4)

Step 3. Click where it says ”<None>”.

Install Fusion on Kodi (5)
  • Now enter the path for Fusion from the fusion kodi repository which is ””, and hit ”Done”.
Install Fusion on Kodi (6)
  • Now enter a name for your file media source, I tend to stick with ”Fusion”, so I can I identify it easy, but put whatever you like. Once done hit ”OK” to save.
Install Fusion on Kodi (7)

Step 4. Head back to the home screen by selecting the button with the house at the bottom of Kodi.

Install Fusion on Kodi (8)

Step 5. Navigate to ”System Settings –> Add-ons”,

Install Fusion on Kodi (9)
  • From the left menu, select ”Install from zip file”, and choose the file source you add earlier, which if you remember, I named mine Fusion.
Install Fusion on Kodi (10)

Step 6. Select the folder named ”start-here”,

Install Fusion on Kodi (11)
  • And click on ”” and wait for a message in the bottom right corner saying successfully installed.

Add Fusion To Kodi Note –

”Add-on Installer” allows you to add multiple kodi repositories and add-ons that aren’t a part of the Fusion setup. Once you’ve followed this guide and got Fusion up and running, have a look at the extra content you can add with the add-on installer.

  • Now select ”Install from zip file” again,
Install Fusion on Kodi (13)
  • And install ””
Install Fusion on Kodi (14)

”Fresh Start” allows users to have a fresh copy of Kodi installed, for instance if you’ve added an add-on and its completely messed up your Kodi setup, rather than going through the process of uninstalling, and reinstalling it, this just resets it.

Install Fusion on Kodi (15)
  • Now install ””,
Install Fusion on Kodi (16)
Add Fusion To Kodi Note –

”Hub Wizard” Is the installer that will install Fusion onto your Kodi setup.

Step 7. Now that we’ve installed all three of these add-ons, it’s time to install Fusion.

  • Head back to the home screen, and select ”Programs –> Config Wizard”.
Install Fusion on Kodi (18)
  • Here, the Config Wizard gives you install options for different types of devices, as I’m using a Windows PC for this guide, I’m going to select ”Windows”, As soon as you select your device, Kodi will begin to downloading Fusion and install it onto your system.
Install Fusion on Kodi (19)
  • When the Installation has completed, your home screen should now look like the image below,
Install Fusion on Kodi (20)

Congratulations, you’ve now learned how to install Fusion on Kodi, and have access to thousands of hours, worth of streaming content absolutely free, that’s if you’re ISP hasn’t blocked you.

Note – Remember, I recommend using a VPN to gain access to everything on Kodi.

Tip – If you haven’t used Kodi before, a quick tip to get watching movies is by, Selecting ”Videos” from the home screen, and selecting ”Genesis”,

  • Select ”Movies” and then ”Latest Movies”,
  • It will give you a whole list of the latest movies out, ENJOY!

Install the best add-on for Kodi so far, ”THE BEAST” here.

Extra features: Live TV addons and Media Player addons, Indigo addon.

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