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How To Install Fonts On Windows 10

Windows 10 already comes with some very stylish fonts, but sometimes these fonts can get a bit dull. Great thing about Windows 10 is that it makes it very easy for users to install fonts with just a few clicks.

Install Fonts On Windows 10

Once you have downloaded your new font to your computer, usually fonts are .tff files.

Here is a list of sites that offer free fonts:





Extract if needed and right click on it, and select ”Install”.

install fonts on windows 10 (1)

After a few seconds Windows will let you know that your font has been installed successfully.

install fonts on windows 10 (2)

To double-check that the font is installed on your system. Press Windows Key + Q, and type ”Settings: Font”. Now select the Fonts folder, not Change Font Settings.

install fonts on windows 10 (3)

Scroll down and find your custom font, once located you now know your font is installed, and should be available in any application.

install fonts on windows 10 (4)

That’s It! Now you can start to create some awesome stylish documents using your favorite fonts, not included in Windows 10.

install fonts on windows 10 (5)

If you’re not on Windows 10 yet, check out how to install Windows 10.

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