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Install Drivers with DriverPack Solution

Install drivers with DriverPack Solution for Windows. Even Microsoft recommends this, that’s saying a lot! How many times have you performed a clean install of Windows 7? Or maybe Windows 10 and can’t seem to find a certain particular driver that needs installing? Or what about if you’ve got an old Windows XP PC and you don’t have any driver discs for it? Rather than searching the big World Wide Web for drivers that might not even work. Driverack Solutions does the work for you.

Easily Install Those Missing Drivers

DriverPack Solution is by far the best way to get those missing drivers installed onto your system. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes to spare. You can also buy DriverPack Solution from their website, which has thousands of drivers, which doesn’t need an internet connection.

Let’s crack on….

Lets Install DriverPack Solution

Assuming you’re on the PC that requires the missing drivers installed. Go to DriverPack Solution and download the online version by clicking ”Install all necessary drivers”.

DriverPack-Solution (1)

Run the setup and you should be shown a screen similar to below, after it has scanned your systems hardware.

DriverPack-Solution (2)

I highly recommend not to select ”Setup computer automatically” reason being is that, it will install other third party software plus your drivers.

Instead, click ”Expert mode” at the bottom of the setup, now it will show you a list of all the drivers that are either missing or need updating.

DriverPack-Solution (3)

Scroll and double-check all the drivers are selected that you need. when you reach the bottom of this page, there will be three utilities selected for install, you can keep these ticked if you prefer, but I would recommend un-ticking them, and just install the drivers for now.

DriverPack-Solution (4)

Before we begin with the installation of the drivers, select ”Software” from the left menu and unselect all the software that DriverPack Solution recommends to install. You can also go to the websites later on and download the latest version if you ever need it.

DriverPack-Solution (5)

Now head back to the ”Drivers” page and hit ”Install automatically”, installation should begin to install all the necessary drivers your computer needs.

DriverPack-Solution (6) - Drivers with DriverPack Solution

On completion of the ‘Install Drivers with DriverPack Solution’ guide, DriverPack Solution may request to restart your pc, so that the new drivers can take effect, so accept and restart your pc.

All your missing drivers should now be installed.

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