How to Watch Flagged YouTube Videos Without Logging In

How to Watch Flagged YouTube Videos Without Logging In

If you want to watch an NSFW YouTube video, you have to be logged in to your Google account first. The problem is you can’t always log in. Maybe you’re on a shared computer, or it’s just too much hassle when you only want to watch a two-minute clip.

Google has really tightened up its restrictions on watching NSFW YouTube videos without signing in, and you might need to verify your age even if you are signed in. But there are still a few options you can try to see if they work for you. Let’s take a look.

1. Try the Invidious YouTube Client

The best option for watching NSFW videos currently is the alternative YouTube browser client Invidious. This runs in any web browser, just like regular YouTube does, so you can search for your videos and play them as normal. You can also grab the URL of any particular YouTube video and paste it directly into the search box.

watch blocked videos on invidious

If videos don’t play in the standard browser window, try clicking the Download button to the side. This doesn’t actually download the video but attempts to open it in a new tab, which sometimes works, although it’s often disabled. You can also click Switch Invidious Instance if you have problems. This will let you choose an alternative version of the Invidious site.


2. Install a New YouTube App

The next option you can try is to install a new YouTube app on your laptop or phone. This is obviously less convenient, as it means you cannot watch the videos in your browser, but it can work well. The good thing about apps is that they tend to be updated regularly, although there’s no guarantee they will always work for restricted videos.


FreeTube for Windows, Mac, and Linux, along with NewPipe and SkyTube—both for Android—are among the best apps you can use. They’re all free, and all open-source, which should help relieve any security concerns you might have. They’re easy to use—just search and play your videos as you would using the normal YouTube tools.

Download: FreeTube for Windows (Free)

Download: NewPipe for Android (Free)

Download: SkyTube for Android (Free)

a blocked youtube video

There are a couple of websites that were once able to let you watch age-restricted YouTube videos without signing in.

They’re both simple to use and work when you’re watching in a web browser, although they aren’t guaranteed to work with every video. Let’s cover them together, as both involve a small YouTube URL trick to bypass the block.

  1. Visit YouTube and load up the video you want to watch.
  2. If you’re prompted to sign in, click in the address bar at the top of your browser window instead.
  3. Highlight the part of the address that says and change it to
  4. Alternatively, change to
  5. Hit Enter to continue.
  6. You’ll now be taken to either of those websites to watch your video. You won’t need to sign in to your account to view them.

change url to nsfwyoutube

Both sites work in the same way, although they can be hit-and-miss in terms of how effective they are. Some videos work on one site; others on the other. You might have to try both. If you find that NSFWYouTube is not working anymore, there’s an extra Click HERE button you can try that will attempt to reload it.


We’d recommend ListenOnRepeat as the better option. It’s a better-looking website with more features. You can create an account to save or favorite the videos you like, and also join in the chat on the site’s Discord channel.

And even though it may not work for age-restricted videos, it does search for alternative uploads of the same video it can play. It’s ideal for things like music videos, for example.

NSFWYouTube, by contrast, has no extra features. It’s also a more rough and ready website and has a tendency to show some pretty sketchy ads. On the plus side, it doesn’t pester you with irrelevant YouTube recommendations.

4. Hack the YouTube URL

There’s one more way to try and watch NSFW YouTube videos without logging in.

As with the first option, this method involves changing the address to the video in your browser’s address bar. But this time it doesn’t take you away from the official YouTube website.

Changes to YouTube’s age verification system mean that this approach may no longer work, but we’ll leave the instructions here as it may be worth a try as a last resort.

change url to embed

  1. Load up the age-restricted video you want to watch.
  2. Click in the address bar in your browser.
  3. The URL will begin with… Highlight the word watch and change it to embed/ so the address now begins
  4. Hit Enter and the video will fill your browser window. Just click Play to watch it.

This is one of the areas that Google has focussed on when restricting videos. You’re now likely to be redirected to the YouTube site where you have to log in. Sometimes you’ll see a YouTube Playback ID error, which you might be able to fix using these tips for when YouTube isn’t working.

A Few More YouTube Tricks

With Google tightening up the age restrictions, there’s no guarantee that these tools will work, or for how long. If you find yourself watching a lot of blocked videos, at some point you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and verify your age.

Watching NSFW videos without signing in isn’t the only way to bypass some of YouTube’s restrictions. You can also download specific portions of videos, or skip sponsored segments in the middle of clips.

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Want a better YouTube experience? Here are a few apps with smart ideas so that you can watch YouTube in a much better way.

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