How to Use FreeMyPDF to Unlock Restricted PDF Files

How to Use FreeMyPDF to Unlock Restricted PDF Files

FreeMyPDF makes accessing a restricted PDF document simple. With this web app, you’ll never find yourself locked out of a PDF again.

FreeMyPDF Unlock PDFs Featured

FreeMyPDF is a web app that allows you to upload a PDF that requires a password or special permissions in order to open it or modify it. It’s incredibly useful if you work frequently with PDF documents from all over the place.

What Can FreeMyPDF Do?

FreeMyPDF’s purpose in this world is to lift editing, viewing, or printing restrictions on PDF files. You can also bypass any type of password protection on a PDF file that is totally viewable otherwise (you cannot, however, use it to bust into PDFs that can’t be viewed at all without the correct password).

It’s a simple concept, and this tool can be used right from your favorite browser, no download or sign-up required.

How to Use FreeMyPDF

The process to use FreeMyPDF could not be simpler. Use the Choose File button to upload your PDF doc, any PDF up to 400MB will be supported.

The homepage.

Once you’ve taken a look at all the legal disclaimers adorning this charming site, hit the button just below that says I agree, do it!

When you do so, nothing will happen at first. Just give it time—your PDF file is being processed, although the UI offers no indication that this is the case.

Within a couple of minutes, your PDF download should begin automatically.

A successfully-processed PDF file.

When it hits your Downloads folder, you’ll see that it’s been affixed with a label: “[Unlocked by],” conveniently preventing you from mixing it up with the original.


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Is FreeMyPDF Secure?

The FreeMyPDF web app claims that the contents of your PDF files are not retained on its servers. It does clarify that details like the time of your upload, the size of your document, the success of the transaction, and your IP address get logged via Google Analytics and AdSense.

As with any third-party, browser-based service, it’s always better to be safe than sorry whenever a document contains personal, identifying information.

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Our recommendation is to be careful with what you choose to upload, just like anywhere else online. Comically, the site also advises users against using the service for “illegal” or “immoral” purposes. Like that’s ever stopped us before.

FreeMyPDF Is a Fast Solution That Works

If your document isn’t especially sensitive or if it’s just something that you’d like to read for fun, this is one easy way to crack into school assignments or locked PDFs from collaborators in a remote setting.

The next time you’re stuck up a creek, paddle-less and alone, FreeMyPDF has got your back.

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