Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

How To Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

Personal experience with Twitter as taught me that when it comes to seeking support for an account you have that’s been wrongly suspended. It’s nearly impossible to get it back. I’ve tried for over two years to follow their own advice and contact them through there own means, and still, I have not got my Twitter account back and live. That is until I discovered this little it of advice on the internet, that helped me gain my account back. Here’s how to unsuspend your Twitter account.

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Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

Step 1. Go To https://help.twitter.com/forms/general?subtopic=suspended 9

Step 2. In experiencing select desktop/web browser.

Step 3. Type the message below the exact way.

“My Twitter account was wrongfully suspended and I would love to have my account back and once again become an active member on Twitter as I didn’t violate any of the ToS please help me thanks in advanced”

Step 4. Put your real name.

Step 5. Add a valid phone number.

Step 6. Go to your email account linked to the unsuspended account.

Step 7. Reply the same text from step 3.

Step 8. It takes 3-5 days for a response, which works half of the time.

Good Luck, and Stay Safe.

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