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How to Setup Plex Media Server on Windows & Linux

Plex is a great piece of software which allows you to turn any of your home desktop or laptop computers into a multi streaming media server. When you setup Plex Media Server, you will be able to stream content to pretty much anything on your home network like your phone, another pc, game consoles, Amazon fire stick and also Sky’s Now TV box if successfully hacked.

Setting up your Plex Server

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Anyway, back to setting up Plex. Not only does it allow you to stream content from home sources, but it gives you the ability to add external sources as well.

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While you setup Plex server, you’ll see that it not only looks like a nice interface, but it actually presents your videos, music and pictures in beautiful eye catching libraries. Not only that, it will download movie posters and album covers from external databases.

Setup Plex Media Server

Plex Server

First, we need to head over to Plex and download the latest version for your system.

Once downloaded, run the Plex Media Server setup and install.


Launch Plex Media Server after installation has finished. Accept ”Plex Terms and Conditions”. Before we can actually start to setting up Plex Media Server, you’re going to need to create and account.


Sign in, or sign up, depending if you have an account with Plex or not. When you log in to Plex, you may see the subscription to Plex Pass, which offer premium services. To set up Plex Media Server (Free Edition), hit the ”X” in the top right to close the Plex Pass windows.

New Plex Server found!

Set up your Plex Media Server by firstly giving it a name, so devices on your network can easily identify it. Tick the box below if you want Plex to configure your network settings to allow you to access your content while on the go, and hit ”Next” to continue.


Now we can start setting up Plex Media Server to access our content like movies, TV shows, pictures, and music. I’ll show you how to add movies to get you started, and add more if you need to. By default you can edit ”Music and Photos” libraries by hitting the pencil. Select ”Add Library” so we can add our movies library.


Select Movies and hit ”Next”,


Browse to the location where your movies are stored, and click ”Add” then ”Add Library”.


Plex Media Server will now index the contents of that folder, into Plex’s library. Continue to add media folders as you please, when you’re finished, hit ”Next”.

All Set! You’ve set up Plex Media Server.

To complete the setup, tick or untick ”Send anonymous usage data to Plex” and click ”Done”.


Hope you enjoyed Artificial Geeks guide on how to set up Plex Media Server.

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Thanks, and happy streaming.

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