How to Hyperlink in Google Docs

How to Hyperlink in Google Docs

Have your own website you want to link to in your Google Doc? Or maybe a reference to a knowledgable source? Make a hyperlink. You can add links to any chosen text in your documents, and we’ll show you how.

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Make a Hyperlink in Google Docs on Desktop

On your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, open a web browser and access the Google Docs site. Select the document in which you want to add a hyperlink.

On the document’s editing screen, select the text that you want to add a link to. This can be any text in your document.

While your text is selected, in Google Docs’ toolbar at the top, click the “Insert Link” option (a chain icon). Alternatively, use the Ctrl+K (Windows, Linux, and Chromebook) or Command+K (Mac) keyboard shortcut.

A “Search or Paste a Link” box will open. In this box, type or paste the link that you want to add to your text. Then press Enter.

Your selected text now has your chosen link.

If you’d like to modify or delete the link, then click the link once. You will then see an option for copying the link, editing the link, and removing the link. Select the action you want to perform.

And that’s how you make your Google Docs documents interactive by adding links. Like this, you can also add links to your Windows 10’s Start menu.

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Create a Hyperlink in Google Docs on Mobile

On your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the Google Docs app to add hyperlinks to your documents.

First, open the Google Docs app on your phone. In the app, select the document to add a link to, then tap the edit document icon.

On the edit screen, select the text to which you want to add a link.

In the menu that opens, tap “Insert Link.” If you do not see this option, tap the three dots and then select “Insert Link.”

You will see an “Insert Link” screen. Here, tap the “Link” field and type or paste the link you want to add. Then, in the top-right corner, tap the checkmark icon.

Your link is now added to your selected text.

To edit or remove your link, tap the link and you will see various options.

And that’s how you add references in the form of links in your Google Docs documents. Very useful!

Use Microsoft Word for your documents? It’s equally easy to add links to your documents in this app.

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