How To Have An Invisible Nickname/Avatar On Discord 2

How To Have An Invisible Nickname/Avatar On Discord

There is something cool about having an invisible nickname and avatar on any profile. Plus, you stand out like a badass! So… here is a quick way on how to have an invisible nickname/avatar on Discord. It may work on other platforms, but I haven’t tried it.

Copy & paste the following symbol & you should have an invisible nickname : ҉

Save this image & set it as your avatar to have an invisible avatar: Invisible Avatar Image

Enjoy your new invisible nickame and avatar.

How To Make Your Discord Profile Invisible

  1. Set your discord picture to this invisible avatar image, which is a fully transparent png file
  2. Copy everything from here 55 (COPY FROM “RAW Paste Data” SECTION)
  3. And set that as your username.
How To Make Your Discord Profile Invisible

10 Epic Discord Tips

Discord is built on digital chat in all of its types, and although it is perhaps best popular among gamers, it can power group chats for a variety of purposes—think of it as a cooler, less structured Slack. If you’ve been using Discord for years or are just getting started, these tips will help you get the most out of the platform.

1) Arrange the servers into directories.

We’ve heard that a well-organized Discord app leads to a happier and more fulfilling life, and the programme now allows you to organise all the servers you’re a part of into folders. It can be a really helpful way of sorting through servers if you work with a lot of them.

Drag and drop one server on top of another to build a folder; you can then add more servers by dragging and dropping as required. You can call folders anything you want, label them as read as a party, use colour coding, and keep track of multiple servers more easily.

2) Keep Discord as small as possible.

10 Epic Discord Tips Artificial Geek

Discord’s interface can get cluttered, but there are a few options for dealing with it. Go to User Settings (via the cog icon, bottom left) then Appearance to move to a lightweight mode that eliminates some of the spacing and opts for a more traditional IRC look.

You can reduce the amount of on-screen distractions even more by going to the Text & Images panel just above: You can disable connection previews, switch off animated GIFs and emoji reactions, and delete image thumbnail previews in this section.

3) Individually adjust user volumes

If you have any Discord contacts that are quieter or just more interesting than others, you can increase their audio volume level independently of anyone else. Alternately, you should turn down the volume on someone who is being too noisy.

You must be in the desktop or web apps to do this—right-click on any username in the gui to bring up the User Volume slider, which you can change as needed. Other options mentioned here allow you to mute users, directly message them, or hide their video stream.

4) Share Your Music Status

10 Epic Discord Tips Artificial Geek 2

Want to tell all of your Discord friends what you’re listening to on Spotify? Of course you do, and you can add the music streaming account by going to User Settings (the cog icon in the bottom left corner), then Connections, and then selecting the Spotify icon from the list.

If you like, the song you’re currently listening to will appear on your profile, and your friends (if they’re Spotify premium subscribers) will be able to listen along with you. From the main text input box, you can also invite contacts and channels to listen in.

5) Maximize the use of Markdown

Discord supports Markdown, which is well-known among experienced coders and instant messaging veterans—in Discord, it basically allows you to add formatting to your text with fast styling codes, so adding asterisks around a line of text would immediately make it bold, for example.

You will learn more about Markdown inside Discord here, and it’s a simple way to make your chats more readable. You can use it to generate blockquotes and code blocks in addition to adding bold, italic, and strikethrough effects to the text you enter.

6) Change your audio settings

10 Epic Discord Tips Artificial Geek 3 Invisible Nickname

It’s critical that you can be heard correctly while voice chatting on Discord, and the app provides plenty of assistance in this regard. To see how Discord is handling your audio, go to User Settings (the cog icon in the bottom left), then Voice & Video, then Advanced.

The audio quality tweaks should be allowed by default, but you may experiment with them if you have a high-quality microphone or your own audio tuning apps. To hear a recording of yourself speaking, use the Let’s Check mic test.

7) Be aware of your shortcuts.

Knowing the right keyboard shortcuts for any app will make life a lot simpler and get you around a lot faster, and Discord is no exception—you will find an official list for Windows here and macOS here, covering anything from swapping channels to muting yourself.

Shift+Esc marks all read on the current server, Ctrl+E (Windows) or Cmd+E (macOS) brings up the all-important GIF and emoji picker, and Ctrl+/ (Windows) or Cmd+/ (macOS) displays all of the shortcuts.

8) Customize your keybindings

10 Epic Discord Tips Artificial Geek 4 Invisible Nickname

You can also make your own keyboard shortcuts using what Discord refers to as keybinds. If you’re new to the app, you may not have known that these time-saving shortcuts exist, or that you can customise them to suit your needs.

To set up your shortcuts, click the cog icon near your username in the bottom left corner of the app gui, then choose Keybinds: Keystrokes can be assigned to a number of features, such as mute, push to speak, streamer mode, and displaying or hiding the overlay.

9) Show off your phone.

If you can’t use Zoom, here’s a workaround: If you’re in a closed video call, press the Screenshare button underneath the thumbnails to share your screen (it looks like an arrow inside a monitor). You have the option of sharing the entire desktop or a particular programme window.

Alternatively, inside a voice channel, press the Go Live button next to your name (it looks similar to the Screenshare button) to start a stream with your entire desktop or a specific programme. Some features, such as audio sharing, are unique to the Windows app.

10) Take it easy on the alerts.

10 Epic Discord Tips Artificial Geek 5

In these days of notification overload, Discord gives you a certain amount of control over what you get pinged about—and that includes muting Discord app alerts on your phone or signing in on your device.

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