How To Hack Now TV and Install Plex | Install Plex On Now TV Box

If you haven’t already, I recommended going out and buying yourself a Now TV box from the sky. At only £10 and a free subscription to one of Sky’s packages for 2 months, it’s well worth the money. Not because you can access sky exclusive content. But the fact that you can turn this little device into a personal network player. Following this guide, you can hack Now TV and install a Plex media player. There also is an Unsupported AppStore you can install on this box as well. So, you can gain access to more free apps and content. How to install the Plex Unsupported App Store here.

As of December 2020, Sky has officially stopped supporting the original NOW TV box. You will no longer be able to use it at all, even for Sky packages like Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies. So, you might as well throw out that £10 useless device, or use it as a doorstop and invest in one of the three devices below: As my loyalty to Sky is non-existence, I would suggest either the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Express.

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Roku Express
  • NOW TV Smart Stick

How to Hack Now TV By Sky. Now TV Stick Hack 2019

Few extra features include the ability to watch tv shows, has a simple general menu, easy to use, plus a web browser.

The first thing you need to do is sign up and log in. Make sure you’re on the Now TV home screen before doing the next step.

The next part is a simple bash of buttons like the old PlayStation cheats back in the day.

So, on the Now TV Home Screen hit – ”Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right”

Done correctly, you should be sent to a pretty basic ”Developer Settings” screen, like the image below, with a Network IP address bang in the middle.

At the bottom, you should see ”Enable Installer”, Select this and agree to the SDK License Agreement and hit ”Enable Installer and restart”.

How To Hack Now TV

Your Now TV box should restart and load up the ”Developer Settings” screen again with instead of ”Enable Installer” it will show ”Disable Installer”, now we can hack Sky’s NOW TV box.


Note – Select Reset password, and give your Sky Now TV box a new password.

Next, take a note of the Network IP address that’s in the centre of the screen and head over to your pc. Fire up your preferred internet browser (Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to work well with this) and insert the Now TV box’s IP in the address bar. So in my case it’s and hit enter.

Hacking Now TV | Set up Now TV Plex

This will take you to another basic page being ”The Development Application Installer” page. This page allows us to hack Sky’s Now TV box, by selecting ”Browse”, our .zip app files and installing them.


Even when we hack Sky’s NOW TV box, it looks like a piece of cake with the ability to install apps at will, but don’t get too excited. Finding the ”.zip” files of apps like Netflix and Amazon for example are hard to come by, and the .zip files of the apps you can find, will pretty much not interest you. Take a look at what apps you can install here, including the Unsupported AppStore.

Now back to why we want to hack Sky’s NOW TV box in the first place, PLEX!

Download the latest version of Plex here.

There are other alternatives that can be found at alternative media players for Now TV.

Download and install Plex through the ”Development Application Installer” web page.

You should see a message saying the install was successful.

Head back to the Now TV’s home screen and voila! You should see your new installed Plex app.

If you didn’t know already, you’ll need to have Plex Media Server running on a machine at home so that you’re NOW TV box can stream the content to your TV.

Check out: How To Set Up Plex Media Server

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