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How To Defrag a Windows 7 Machine

After years of using your computer for daily activities, installing and uninstalling apps and games does add up over time and can decrease the performance of your computer dramatically. I recommend that you defrag a Windows 7 machine about once or twice a week. Really it does all depend on how much you use your computer and what you actually do on it. If you’re like me and tend to be on a computer more like 10+ hours a day, then I’d say once or twice. If your completely the opposite and spend something like 6-8 hours a day then you probably don’t have to do it as much. Maybe once a month would be sufficient.


Defrag a Windows 7 Machine and Increase Your Computers Performance By 80%

What is defragmentation?

Think as your computer as your own little file cabinet which stores all your folders and files. In that file cabinet, I reckon you have organized it in a way that makes finding documents easier to find what you need when you need it. Think that of your computer, it’s HDD or? SD is just one big folder that allows you to add subfolders and files within that big folder. fragmentation is like having all your important folders and files placed on one individual pile, which is in no particular order. Imagine looking for a document in that pile… How Long Will That Take?

Computers are exactly the same, they improve and enhance your computers overall performance by performing a defrag which places every single folder and file on your drive to its own separate space, and adds all other documents to the same location. So when the computer needs to access the files, it can do it with ultimate performance, rather for you waiting on the computer to slowly search through all the files to locate the correct one.

Windows 7 Defrag – Let’s Defragment The Fragmented!

Like all Windows, Microsoft has given the operating system its own administrator tools to perform a defragmentation. I wouldn’t recommend it personally to use, as I know there are far better free or paid alternatives out there on the market.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to manual read up on my post for the best defrag software out, I would suggest you try Smart Defrag which is free. Alternative if you want to get started straight away with the built-in defrag tool in Windows 7, head to “My Computer – right-click (on the drive you want to defrag) – properties – tools” under “Defragmentation” tab, click (Defragment Now).

How to defrag Windows 7

If you’re looking for a more advanced piece of software that offers more options. Then I would highly recommend O&O defrag. Up to 100% PC speed increase. Optimize standard HDDs or new SSD hard drives. Manual assign defrags tasks or set up a scheduled planner to run when your not using your PC. Even though you need a paid license to use O&O defrag fully. Why not head over to their website and give it a trial. After using it on all my PCs and laptops. I can 200% guarantee that it works.

Depending on how fragmented your Windows 7 system is the time scale for defragmenting can vary. I usually like to set up schedules, so that I don’t have to worry about manually checking. You might need to use an alternative defrag software to arrange schedules, as I don’t think Windows 7s built-in tool has that function. Look at the best defrag software available here, the top 3 I would choose to test out are either Smart Defrag, PerfectDisk or Diskeeper as I know personally I prefer to use one of these, but that doesn’t say the others aren’t as good.

Let me know which works best for you, Cheers!

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