How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent

The best way to share your content out to the world in 2017 is by torrents. Torrents allow individuals to upload their files, so they can be downloaded and shared on a colossus scale. This quick guide will show you how to create a torrent with the uTorrent client. This guide will also work with other torrent clients.

How To Create A Torrent

I am going to use an album for this tutorial, but the same method will work with any file or folder of your choosing.

Make sure the file you want to convert into a torrent, is in the location you want to keep it. Once the torrent is live and seeding, you will not be able to seed the torrent as you will get an error stating the torrent is missing. When you’re happy with the location the torrent is in, usually, I created a separate folder called ”Uploads”, and place all the files I want to share in that folder.

Open up uTorrent, if you havent got it, you can download it here.

Now select File – Create New Torrent...

How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent

A window will pop up. Now we need to select the file that we want to create a torrent for. It can either be a single file or a folder. Because I am using an album, I’m going to select a directory, rather than a file.

How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent 2

Once youve clicked on ”Add File” or ”Add Directory”,locate your file/files and click OK.

How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent 3

At the bottom of the next window, make sure ”Start Seeding” is ticked and then select ”Create and save as…”.

How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent 4

Here you need to save the torrent file to a location you can easily find. This is the file your going to want to upload either to torrent sites, or send to people you want to give permission to download your files. Usually I just tell people to save it to their desktop at first, as this file you can move around your computer freely.

How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent 5

Once saved, click ”Close”, and your uTorrent client will start seeding your torrent.

Just wait for peers to connect to your torrent and you’ll be sharing in no time.

How To Create A Torrent With uTorrent 6

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