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How to Adjust Google Ad Settings for Sensitive Topics

Get a bit more control over the ads you see from Google.

Google is finally allowing users to restrict more sensitive ads. After introducing alcohol and gaming advertising restrictions in 2020, the company has now added pregnancy and parenting, dating, and weight loss to the list.

The possibility of implementing these restrictions is a welcomed change, especially as people have been requesting this for years.

Google’s Sensitive Ad Settings: A Welcomed Change

For many years, people have requested a way to control their ad experience and to block certain ads or categories they’d rather not see. After taking the first steps in 2020, Google has now expanded the feature to include more ad categories.

After all, the internet is full of stories of women suffering pregnancy loss and having their grieving process aggravated every time they see a new ad for baby clothes or strollers.

The same can be said about people struggling with alcohol and gambling addictions, weight loss, or who really don’t want to date and prefer not to see Tinder ads every day. Plus, we all tend to see the same ads every day, worsening the situation.

Unfortunately, Google can’t wave a magic wand and remove these ads altogether. It will, however, limit their display on Google’s Display Network and YouTube. This means you won’t see them when running Google searches, visiting sites using ads from Google, or watching YouTube.


How to Adjust the Sensitive Ad Categories

Making adjustments to your ad settings on Google is super helpful. In this way, you get a tiny bit of control over what content you see advertised.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Go to your Google account. In Chrome, for instance, open a new tab and click on your picture in the right top corner. From there, click on Manage your Google Account.
  2. On the new page, click on Data & privacy.
  3. On the page, scroll to the Ad settings area and click on Ad personalization.
  4. If the list is not extended, click on Advanced.
  5. Scroll by the dozens of interests Google has detected for you until you reach the Sensitive ad categories on YouTube section.
  6. You’ll notice the five categories displayed with a See fewer button on the right.
  7. Choose between: Alcohol, Dating, Gambling, Pregnancy and Parenting, and Weight Loss. You can also choose to restrict them all.
  8. Click the See fewer button for the chosen category and click Continue when prompted.
  9. You’re done!

If you want to reverse your decision at any point, you can go back to the section and press the Allow button that now stands in place of the See fewer one from earlier.

Avoiding Sensitive Ad Topics

The fact that Google has listened to users is a great thing, especially since the selected topics can be quite triggering for those struggling with illness, addiction, or loss.

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