How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

Google Docs has a large collection of free web-based fonts. Here’s how you can add new fonts to your Google document.


Choose the right font to go with the theme of your document. This quick guide shows you how to add fonts to Google Docs and format your project.

How to Use a New Font on Google Docs

Open an existing Google document or start a new one. To change the font in an existing document, select the text first. For a new document, place the cursor where you want to begin typing.

Tip: To quickly launch a new document, enter in the browser’s address bar.

  1. Go to the toolbar and select the Font dropdown. The dropdown lists all the installed fonts.
  2. Select the A+ icon labeled as More fonts.
    Google Doc: Select More Fonts

  3. Google Docs will overlay a window with a list of all available fonts. This font picker is organized to help you pick the appropriate font for your document.
  4. Select a single font or multiple fonts by looking at their typefaces. Any selected font is highlighted in blue and appears on the My fonts list on the right.
    Google Doc Fonts

  5. Use the search box or filters to drill down to the typefaces you want to add. For instance, select Show: Handwriting to list all typefaces that resemble a handwritten script. Or, sort fonts by what’s trending by selecting Sort: Trending.
    Google Doc Fonts Filters

  6. Select OK to close the font picker and come back to your document.

Google Docs will display the added font in the font picker so you can start typing right away. Any other fonts selected will appear under Recent on the Font selection dropdown.

How to Remove an Added Font

The font dialog makes it easy to remove any added fonts. You can do it in two ways:

  • Go down the list of fonts and uncheck the selected font in blue.
  • On the My fonts list, select X next to the font you want to remove.

Removing little-used fonts is an excellent way to keep your font list tidy and make selecting the right font easier. You can easily come back to add a new font for a new document or a presentation that may need it.

Uploading Your Custom Fonts to Google Docs

Google Docs is part of the cloud-based Google Drive suite. So, it’s not possible to add your custom fonts to Google Docs. All fonts that are used in a document are web-based and open source. The fonts themselves are part of the repository on Google Fonts that houses almost 1300+ fonts in different languages.


You can contribute a custom font to Google Fonts according to their submission guidelines, but it’s beyond the scope of anyone who isn’t a typeface designer.

Google has made it easier to add fonts to Docs and Slides. Also, the library of 1,364 open source font families should be enough to ignore third-party font extensions that used to work as font pickers earlier.

A set of fonts

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