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Halo Infinite Premium Pass Bundle not working

If you find that Halo Infinite Premium Pass Bundle is not working then this post is sure to help you resolve the issue. Some players on Halo Infinite are unable to use Halo Infinite Premium Pass Bundle and this can be irritating!

Halo Infinite is now currently one of the most played and famous games. It is still in the beta stage and the full version will be released very soon. Still, the players can purchase credits and complete missions with the available options. Halo Infinite is particularly famous for its customization and terrific features. There are a few complaints that users or players are unable to use the perks that are available with the Halo Infinite premium pass bundle. Let’s see how we can fix the issue.

Halo Infinite Premium Pass Bundle not working


If you find it difficult or the premium pass bundle not working on Halo Infinite, the below methods can help you fix it.

  1. Redeem them via the Boosts section
  2. Restart or reset the game
  3. Logout and Login again
  4. Contact support team

Let’s get into the details of each method

1] Redeem them via the Boosts section

The best way to redeem the perks of the premium pass bundle on Halo Infinite is through the Boosts section.

To get started, open Battle Pass and click on the Boosts section. Select XP Grant and select how much you wish to redeem. This way you can redeem perks of the premium pass.

2] Restart or reset the game

Some users are not even having or finding the Boosts section. All you have to do is close the game and reset it in the settings. Also, check for the game updates after this.

To get started, open the Settings app on your PC, select Apps, then click on the Apps & features tab. In the Apps & features, scroll down and click on the three-dot button beside Halo Infinite and select Advanced options. In the Advanced options, you will find the Reset section under which you will see the Reset button. Click on it.

3] Logout and Login again

The other way to fix the issue is to log out of Xbox and Steam and log in to them again. Some users found this tip useful and worked in redeeming the perks of the premium pass bundle in Halo Infinite.

4] Contact Support team

If none of the above tips worked in using the perks of the premium pass bundle in Halo Infinite, you need to contact the support team of Xbox or Steam or Halo Infinite to get it fixed at the account level.

Is Halo Infinite battle pass worth it?

Halo Infinite battle pass comes with levels and rewards that can be useful to unlock some features. It is up to the player and his capabilities to decide its worth. For a regular Halo Infinite player, it is worth it and useful.

How much does Halo Infinite battle pass cost?

Halo Infinite premium pass costs 1000 in-game credits and the premium pass bundle costs 2800 credits. It is worth the cost as it unlocks 25 levels without even playing a game.

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Halo Infinite Premium Pass Bundle not working

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