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Grids for Instagram Now on Windows

People use Instagram in different ways, and it’s become obvious that many more people than the company ever expected actually like viewing and uploading their Instagram collection on a desktop computer. Instagram does facilitate a minimalistic web interfaced interaction for desktop users, but a very handy app called Grids for Instagram came along for the Mac a few months ago that made viewing Instagram a whole lot more enjoyable. Now, PC users can share in the awesome experience, as Grids for Instagram has now launched a version of the same application for Windows.

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The application runs much the same way on Windows as on the Mac, with a clean interface that lets you view full screen or at any size you choose. As on the mobile app, you can receive notifications when there are new feeds, followers, likes, comments, mentions or requests. Plus, you can use the application to comment, follow, search and explore, just as you would on your phone.

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The application lets you switch between multiple accounts, as well as bookmark people, locations, hashtags or single photos and videos.

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There is now a function to directly upload images from the desktop to Instagram, which is ideal! While this was something people really wanted to see, it looks like the creators have responded by adding this feature into the application.

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Grids for Instagram (Windows) is available in 32-bit and 64-bit for Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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Download Link: Grids for Instagram (Windows)

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