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The GNOME Project officially released today the GNOME 40 desktop environment as the latest and greatest release of this popular graphical environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

Six months in the work, GNOME 40 ends the GNOME 3.x series of the open-source Linux desktop environment as a massive milestone adding numerous new features and improvements. The biggest change, however, you already know about from my previous articles, the redesign of the Activities Overview.

In GNOME 40, the Activities Overview will be the first thing you see after login. It comes with better overview spatial organization with horizontal navigation and dock, improved touchpad navigation using gestures, more engaging app browsing and launching, and also contributes to a better boot performance of your Linux distro.

The workspaces in the revamped Activities Overview are now arranged horizontally and will appear in a continuous sequence from left to right, allowing users to pan and scroll them. In addition, the new design introduces app icons for windows and window title on hover to make their identification easier.

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