FREE VPS For Mining Monero - Installation Bypasses Systems To Allow Monero Mining

FREE VPS For Mining Monero | VPS Installation Bypasses Systems To Allow Monero Mining

Past few days I have been looking at free VPS trials etc to see which ones allow mining and that actually work when processing the hashes. For 4 days now I have set up 9 FREE VPS systems and are all still functioning and mining as of today. So, I wanted to share my tutorial with everyone interested in a free VPS for mining Monero, which seems to be the most profitable cryptocurrency. My tutorial is quick and simple and should work with any CentOS 8 system. Good luck and Happy Mining! Links at the bottom of the page.

Sorry if this post seems straight to the point, just wanted to get it out there for you guys so you didn’t miss out.


First, we need to download PuTTY so we can connect to the VPS after its been set up. Download Here

Run and install PuTTY

Then set up your FREE VPS (Links At Bottom)

CentosOS Terminal Type:

FREE VPS For Mining Monero | VPS Installation Bypasses Systems To Allow Monero Mining

yum install wget

sudo apt-get install wget (dont worry if this doesnt do anything, just keep going to make sure)

Search for tar app, run: sudo yum search tar

Install tar on CentOS/RHEL, run: sudo yum install tar

Upgrade tar on CentOS/RHEL 6/7/8 Linux, run: sudo yum update tar

sudo yum install git

curl -o /usr/local/bin/apt-get chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/apt-get

Install epel using the following command: sudo yum -y install epel-release

Refresh repo by typing the following commad: sudo yum repolist

Install the dpkg rpm packages: sudo yum install dpkg-devel dpkg-dev

sudo yum install nano

sudo yum install wget


tar -zxvf xmrig-v6.10.0-mo2-lin64-compat.tar.gz

nano config.json

Scroll down and look for the line: “enter wallet address” (and copy and paste your Monero Wallet address here) – The line should be under the pool address.

Scroll Down and change: rebench-algo from false to true

Ctrl + x (To Save)

Y (To Save)

Enter (To Confirm)

Run the xmrig program: sudo ./xmrig

Sit back and Mine!

To check your mining stats, got to and enter your wallet address.

The best server to use which offer a 30-day free trial is: Kamatera

Some people say Digital Ocean isn’t working, I have 6 droplets set up and they have been working for about 4 days now. So, if you want to try it, be my guess, as I can only go off what I’ve experienced.


Get A Wallet Address First: CoinBase (Also earn upto £34 in crypto for free)

Digital Ocean – $100 credit for 60 days – Works for me with this method


KAMATERA – Best FREE Server So Far To Use – 30 Day Free Trial

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