Windows Update Error Error 0x800703f9

Fix Windows Update Error Error 0x800703f9

Windows Update Error 0x800703f9 may occur when you are trying to install an update for your Windows 11/10 computer and the operation fails. If you face this issue, then the following suggestions will help you.

Fix Windows Update Error Error 0x800703f9

Since the Windows Update Error 0x800703f9 error is mostly associated with the failure to download and install Windows updates, here are some steps you need to take:

  1. Run Windows Troubleshooter
  2. Reset Windows Update Components
  3. Make changes to the Registry Editor
  4. Delete $WINDOWS.~BT & $Windows.~WS folder contents
  5. Disable antivirus settings temporarily

Let’s explore the above solutions in a bit more detail now!

1] Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter

The first course of action you can follow to fix the problem automatically is to run the Troubleshooter. For this, go to Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.

Next, scroll down to the Windows Update entry and hit the Run button next to it. You will need to wait for a minute to allow the troubleshooter to fix the issue. If it doesn’t fix your issue, move to the next solution.

2] Reset Windows Update Components

While there are other ways to troubleshoot various Windows Update issues, it would be a good option to reset Windows Update components to default. This is especially useful if your Windows Updates fail to Install.

3] Make changes to the Registry Editor

Branch Name

Some users have reported that changing this Registry setting helped them. So create a System Restore point first and then, do the following –

Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following path address –


Here, double click on BranchName and change the ‘Value data’ to ‘fbl_impressive‘.

Then check for updates again.

4] Delete $WINDOWS.~BT & $Windows.~WS folder contents

After you notice that an update has failed, look for the following two folders on your System or C Drive named $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS.  $Windows.~BT is a temporary folder and might interfere with the update process. You can safely delete it.

Right-click on Start button to open the WinX Menu. Select Command Prompt (Admin). Then, copy-paste the following and hit Enter to delete the contents of $Windows.~BT directory.

takeown /F C:\$Windows.~BT\* /R /A
icacls C:\$Windows.~BT\*.* /T /grant administrators:F
rmdir /S /Q C:\$Windows.~BT\<\code>

Next, copy-paste the following and hit Enter to delete the contents of $Windows.~WS directory

takeown /F C:\$Windows.~WS\* /R /A 
icacls C:\$Windows.~WS\*.* /T /grant administrators:F 
rmdir /S /Q C:\$Windows.~WS\

5] Disable antivirus settings temporarily

What are the Windows Update components?

Windows Update is an essential component of Windows that provides the ability to download and install the latest updates with bug fixes, security patches, and drivers. Besides, it is also a mechanism to download new feature updates and preview builds.

What is Registry in the computer?

Registry Editor is a part of Windows that allows users to perform the following functions: Creating, manipulating, renaming, and deleting registry keys, subkeys, values, and value data. Importing and exporting. REG files, exporting data in the binary hive format, and doing a lot more.

Windows Update Error Error 0x800703f9

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