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Fix Slow LAN speed on Windows 11/10 computer

If you are facing slow internet speed on your PC, in this guide we have a few solutions to fix slow LAN Ethernet speed on Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. These days, slow internet is a nightmare. Our lives are entirely dependent on it. Be it work, entertainment, or classes, it has its uses everywhere. The speed ranges differ with ISPs and there are some ISPs that give the highest speeds to the end-users. If you are experiencing slow LAN Ethernet speed on your Windows PC, here are some tips to increase your Internet speed.

Why my LAN speed is slow?

The slow LAN speed might have been caused by many reasons. It might be due to:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Faulty cables
  • A problem in modem or router
  • Problem with Internet Service Provider
  • Slow DNS server

There might be some other reasons for the slow LAN. Mainly the above issues are reasons for the slow LAN in major instances. Let’s see how to fix them.

Fix Slow LAN speed on Windows 11/10 computer

A bad or slow LAN Ethernet speed on Windows 11 or Windows 10 can be fixed in the following ways:

  1. Check the internet connection
  2. Update Network Drivers
  3. Change DNS server
  4. Turn off VPN
  5. Disable Large Send Offload
  6. Change Speed and Duplex Settings
  7. Disable IPv6

Let’s get into the details of each fix.

1] Check the internet connection

When you are experiencing a slow LAN on windows the first thing you have to do is to check if the internet is working fine on other devices. Check the speeds on other devices, restart the modem or router, and contact your ISP if you face any issues.

2] Update Network Drivers

An outdated or faulty network driver might also cause slow LAN speeds. You have to update Network drivers and also check for updates to the Windows OS. It might automatically update the drivers to the latest versions and your slow LAN speed issue will be fixed with it.

3] Change DNS server

The Domain Name Server (DNS) on your PC might be the cause of the issue. You have to change the DNS to other public servers like Google Public DNS or Cloudflare or any other. It might fix the slow LAN speeds if it is caused by a slow DNS server.

4] Turn off VPN

If you are using a VPN on your PC, you must turn it off to use the internet at full speeds. Some VPNs have kill switches automatically enabled. It might cause the non-working of the internet on your PC. Turn it off in the VPN settings.

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5] Disable Large Send Offload

Sending large data chunks outside might be an issue before sorting the downloads on your LAN. You have to Disable Large Send Offload to stop sending large amounts of data. To do so, open Device Manager on your PC and click on Network Adapters. Then, double-click on your network adapter. Click on the Advanced tab and select Large Send Offload from the Property list. Then, set it to Disabled.

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6] Change Speed and Duplex Settings

The Speed and Duplex Settings on your PC negotiate with the hardware and result in speeds on your PC. You have to change them to a higher speed to resolve slow speed. In the Advanced options tab of your network adapter, select  Speed/duplex Settings from the Property list. Set the value to the highest Mbps and Click OK.

7] Disable IPv6

Disabling IPv6 resolves many internet connection issues. It is a standard fix that helped many users. You need to disable IPv6 to increase the LAN speed. Check if it has solved the issue.

If none of the above issues fixed the slow LAN, you might have to contact your Internet service provider.

How do I fix slow LAN Ethernet?

There are many ways to fix slow LAN Ethernet. You can fix it by changing DNS, disabling Large Send Offload, changing speed/duplex settings, updating network drivers, etc. You need to find the cause of the issue first and implement the fix that eliminates the cause.

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